"Wonderful! Introspective, honest and deep."

- Tania, Massachusetts

"The writing circles were introspective, honest, and deep. I was excited to attend each circle and felt I was able to open up and share things I normally wouldn't share, feeling comfortable, understood and respected. Aimee was fabulous - natural and comfortable in facilitating the group through very deep conversations and self-reflection. She really embraced each of our personalities and journeys, and could creatively articulate back to us things we may or may not have thought about. The group was interactive, accepting, and very intelligent with writing. I dug incredibly deep and did more than healing my broken heart from loss. I found a new love for life. I became aware of my negative narratives, how I'd been rewriting the story over and over with more anger and defeat. Personal reflection and understanding has been incredibly valuable, not to mention the huge benefit of being with seven other strong women who opened up my eyes to so many things! I will take with me self-acceptance and the ability to rewrite my narrative. The venue was magical. If you are at all confused, or questioning your path in life, or want to escape to a serene, spiritual place to be surrounded by nature and beauty and do some self-reflection, you need to go. To be disconnected, and do something for yourself, I say go!"

storyteller within

Journey into Sacred Expression

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