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we gather for...

Circling. Writing. Yoga. Meditation. Movement. Fire. Ceremony. Sacred Space. Nature. Beauty. Revealing. Retrieving. Remembering. Recollecting. Reclaiming. Reigniting. Connection. Vulnerability. Experiences. Voices. Truths. Sisterhood.

journey into sacred expression women's retreat

We want to show up real, right here, right now, as is.


We want to gather to feel all the feelings and to write all the things. 


We want to walk up to shame and fear and look right through them.


We want to look into the eyes of other women, and hear them say words that we too have thought. 


We want to reveal the lies we tell ourselves and the ways in which we act like we believe them.


We want to break the habits that we repeat, again and again, that only shrink our spirits.


We want to name the edges and corners that are folded within. We want to unfold them. 


We want to dance with our shadows and see what they have to show us. And kiss our contradictions.


We want to throw away our inner apologies and tear up our hidden contracts.


We want to stop trying, so damn hard, to merit our worth. We want to relax into ourselves.

We want to tell our truths and loosen our constraints and turn up our voices and shed our skins.


We want to call ourselves out and to call ourselves in.


We want to know and feel the holy itch, and wonder why we have it and where it leads.


We want to reclaim our stories. We want to break open the narratives that bend our being.


We want to wrap our fingers around the pen. And feel the courage that rises within.


We want to awaken what lies dormant within us, what is essential and vivid in our nature, what aches to be expressed and animated again.


We want to hear what beats at the seed of our hearts.


We want to know what gets in the way of listening to it, or admitting that we hear it at all.

We want to feel a new fire ignited somewhere deep within. 


We want our hearts to lead us back to ourselves.


We want to follow all the crumbs, all the clues. We want to follow our unique thread, no matter how it changes.


We want to find a thousand ways to name our desires and to validate that they are sacred. We want to leave our resistance behind.


We want to know our lives are ours for the taking.


We want to know what sisterhood feels like when it shows up in full power.


We want to play and see beauty in the places we couldn’t see it before and in our connection to all things.


We want to dance the metaphors and honor the sweet, subtle signs.


We want to invite the surrender.


We want to live in whatever way lights us up from within.


We want to choose it, again and again.

We want to feel and hear the voice that calls us home.

We want to be expansive, moment to moment, to live and breathe the particular sacred expression asking to be lived through us.


We want to allow the vastness of our presence and invite ourselves to the belonging that has always been waiting in our hearts.

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