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the facilitators

Aimee Hansen, Creator of Storyteller Within Retreats
Aimee Hansen
Creator, Storyteller Within Retreats
Sacred Expression, Self-exploratory Writing
Circle Facilitator, Storyteller, Word Lover, Poetically Curious
Sharing words: aimeehansenpoetic


Aimee chases big questions with butterfly nets, only to set them free again. She's always had an irresistible attraction to words and metaphors as a way of playing, provoking, revealing, exploring, 

understanding and connecting.

A few years into a corporate agency, in 2003 she began sneaking away from her London office for creative writing classes at Central Saint Martins College, rekindling her childhood love of words. On a quest for more meaningful plot in life and a bigger adventure, she left London in 2008 and again in 2010, to travel.

By 2012, her travels guided her to Guatemala and back to herself. Her intensive studies with a mentor who called her "the storyteller" -  and her own passion for questions and insight -  have started her on an ever curious and unfolding journey into the nature of perception. Her work explores the power of stories and invites a creative and playful adventure in the yoga of perception. She trusts in the mysterious sways of our hearts and the truth in our bodies, listening to what lights us up from within and moving, again and again, from this knowing.

Aimee works as a freelance writer, dances with the muse at poetry and scribbles into tricky spaces. She holds a 200+ hr yoga teacher certification. She is inspired and humbled by witnessing how something raw and honest in the human spirit aches to open, given the invitation. She began Storyteller Within retreats to share in the experience of exploring our humanity and stepping into our courage and vastness as women.

"Aimee truly listens to people. She has a beautiful way of asking just the right questions to encourage each person to think with a shifted perspective, not imposing her opinion but rather allowing the person to come to their own conclusions and new understandings through her gentle guidance. She speaks from the heart to our hearts."  (Marie)

Recommended Retreat

"Aimee's heart shines through in everything she does. Her unapologetic, genuine pursuit of the truth is the backbone behind this powerhouse of a program. Her prompts are meaningful and flexible with a consistent theme of ‘getting to the heart of the matter’ and her ability to create an uplifting group dynamic while holding space is exceptional. In her presence, you will be blessed with her warmth, wisdom, and (mischievous!) humor."  (Heather)


"Aimee amazes me - her attentiveness, compassion, presence, and poetic savvy. Her collected inspiration, her listening skills and feedback with such respect and sensitivity. Her ability to create a safe container for us to express with soft structure and easy flow. She rocks! So much gratitude for bringing us together and being the beautiful soul she is."  (Patra)


Every event is a collaboration with the gifts of guest facilitators
(such as these amazingly inspiring women):

Robin Kempe
Conscious Yoga Teacher, Storyteller, Shamanic Movement

Robin Kempe is a Guatemalan based esoteric conscious yoga teacher.

She combines her deep knowledge of transpersonal shamanic principles, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, mindfulness and pranayama with dynamic hatha flow postures, intuitive energy healing, sound and the power of storytelling to ignite the fire within, open the heart and help us to return back home to wholeness, peace and love.

"Robin brought so much calm and peace and light to our morning meditations and yoga. She challenged me to stretch not just my body, but also my mind, even further. She opened me up and cleansed my soul. The Five Rhythms Dance gave my soul permission to dance with passion. It was wild, emotional, and cleansing."  (Steph)


"Robin opened each yoga session, each so wonderfully woven into the themes we were working with in the writing circle, with an energy that begged you to show up for yourself. She led a practice that really set me up to connect deeply with myself and be present for the rest of the day. Her energy is a light that warms over and reveals beauty in everything it comes into contact with."  (Katie)

ceremonies & sessions
For each Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, we invite in extra magic and mystery, through ceremonies and sessions (eg. movement, sound, fire) with more guest facilitators that hugely enrich and expand  the power of our journey by sharing their unique gifts. We gather for sacred connection and expression that goes beyond words.
Mayan Fire Ceremony
Melanie Champagne, founder of Collective Astrlogy
Melanie Champagne
Return to Your Sacred Feminine Retreat - inactive
(Seven Springs)
Circle Co-Facilitator, Storyteller, Myth Lover, Star Stirred


From a young age, Melanie has been fascinated by sacred stories and mythology. Through theater and literature studies, she discovered the evolution of cultures through art. Her calling to understand human’s psyche lead her to various fields from alternative healing therapies to psychology-astrology. 

She passionately taught Meditation and Astrology for eleven years at Las Piramides Meditation Center in Guatemala. She is currently living in Canada and offering Astrology consultations for individuals and couples, co-facilitating heart focused retreats and holding space for embodied knowing in women circles. She is committed to support the expansion of intuition and preserve the knowledge of cycles. 

For Melanie, mythological stories are medicine. They bridge the eternal with the present, the personal with the universal and facilitate the meeting of the different parts of ourselves: "May we let the stories move through us and let them whisper in the vulnerability of our hearts the treasures we long to recollect."

 "Melanie is such a passionate and clear channel with a depth of wisdom and embodied creative energy. It is such a joy and a gift to be in her company and unravel some of the mysteries of the stars and the journey we each are on." (Araminta)

"I am so fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to be guided by Melanie. I not only have a stronger sense of self and life thanks to her guidance, but also her passion, personality and joy IS contagious and hence it’s just lovely to be around her. Melanie is such a genuine person and strong women, she is inspiring and wise and I continue to learn so much from her."  (Kate)

Marianne Richmond, children's author
Marianne Richmond
Awaken Your Creative Soul Retreat - inactive
(Seven Springs)
Creative Facilitator, Children's Author, Artist, Heart Inspired


The author and artist of more than 50 children's books, Marianne helps people share their heart and connect with those they love. With more than 6 million copies sold, Marianne's gift is writing for the “unique everybody,” putting into words the feelings that unite us.  


Marianne's adventure into book writing began in her mid 20's following brain surgery to remove a benign tumor, the source of numerous epileptic seizures during childhood. What started as hand-painted thank you cards for her well-wishers blossomed into a successful publishing company she co-ran for 15 years. 


Today, in addition to her own creating, she loves encouraging women to embrace their own spirit, creativity and wisdom while cultivating meaningful connection with others!  "I'm delighted when my work is a bridge to the message of your own heart," says Marianne.

Marianne is warm and inviting and created a space to contemplate and express ourselves. The canvas I made is a great reminder of my highest goals for myself.” (Karen R)

"Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have been able to take an art workshop from Marianne Richmond. She helped me regain a confidence that had been lost for many years. I'm so grateful to her!” (Karen M)

Jessi Luna, owner of Seven Springs
Jessi Luna
yoga @ Seven Springs

Jessi Luna is a board member of the Kula Collective and co-creator of Seven Springs Holistic Retreat, along with her husband Zach, built on the 126 acres of sacred land where she grew up as a child. 

Since a young age, Jessi has studied dance and creative movement. Yoga found Jessi over ten years ago, and since her first teacher training in 2008, Jessi has led retreats and workshops throughout the States, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bali and Costa Rica. She completed her RYT500 hour certification in 2012 and now leads teacher trainings in these places she most enjoys to share.

Jessi teaches a Vinyasa based practice to combine elements of dance and natural movement with traditional yogic sequencing. She incorporates attention to rhythm of the breath, and allows for organic movement to flow in each pose. She is grateful for the journey of yogic creativity and loves to share this movement of bliss with others along the way. 

"Thank you, Jessi. I'm eternally grateful. I'm grateful that you were my teacher. I'm thankful to have been in the presence of your daily actions. I'm thankful that I felt accepted and acknowledged by you. I'm thankful that your yoga collective led to the deepening of my practice. You do excellent work."  (Monserrat)

"I want to offer my heartfelt Thank You to Jessi for providing us with such great yoga care and meditation during the retreat. I will forever remember her expert yoga techniques, encouraging words and deep, bright smile. I am better because of you, Jessi! (Ann)


"Aimee is intuitive, insightful, energetic, focused, fun, clear of expectations, and set an atmosphere of unconditional love. I would follow her for this work in the future. She brings women to a new place." (Cathy)


"Aimee has not only a gift for writing but also for forming a home away from home, where women from many different backgrounds share their stories. Aimee is a true gift - she has truly found her calling and has blessed all those around her as a result. She radiates authenticity and true beauty from the inside out."  (Jeanette)


"Aimee led all of us gracefully through some tough terrain and we came out the other side softer, warmer, wiser and more in touch with our own soul voice.  She helped me get more out of this week than I imagined I was capable of. Definitely a 'work of heart.' She is a beautiful force for good in the name of women."  (Alison)

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