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Return to your Sacred Feminine 

Women's Retreat

We reconnect to our feminine mystery.


"The story is meant to take the spirit into a descent to find something that is lost or missing and to bring it back to consciousness again." (Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

In a beautiful mountainous setting, this women's retreat invites you to reconnect with your inherent knowing, to explore the many facets of your feminine nature, and to journey deeper into both self-intimacy and your inherent sacred feminine mystery. 


Join a women’s journey with meditation, yoga and movement, self-exploratory writing by day, and ceremonial sacred storytelling by flames at night. 

Gather to listen. Open to reveal.

In this retreat, you will reconnect with your body through meditation, yoga and movement. You will gather by candlelight and fire with other women to listen to the stories that offer rich insight into our inner lives.

You will circle for self-exploratory writing circles to thread these insights through to your own experience in the here and now.  We’ll heed the call to honor the wisdom we carry within our stories and voices and bodies, and between each other.

Connect to your body through yoga.

With daily guided meditation and yoga, you will listen in for the innate guidance that is found in your body and breath. The body holds the truth of our physical and sensual experience, and is the home of our deepest intuitions.


As we listen to the guidance of our body, as we align ourselves more closely to the sensations of our inner knowing, our intuition attunes and expands.


Immerse in the magic of myths.


Each evening, we’ll gather for oral storytelling around candles and flames. We’ll wrap ourselves in blankets, get cozy, and listen to mythical stories of the feminine as spoken through the Greek goddesses. Each goddess story hints at the energies and tensions and struggles we experience in our lives.

Each goddess herself is an archetype that exists in all women. Her struggles and her powers and her yearnings reflect our own, and can provide guidance for navigating our own lives, in honor of our whole being. 

We’ll immerse in the magic of theses myths, focusing on the messages and rich insights they hold for us as women. Myths gift us maps, keys, mirrors, legends and paths back to ourselves.  They reflect the multitudes within us, the different facets of our Feminine nature, including parts we may have lost or forsaken along the way.

Myths bring universal context to our most personal experiences. They open us to allowing life to flow through us, to recognize the sacred beauty of each moment, and to embrace the feminine mystery of regeneration. When we look through the window of a myth, we see both beyond ourselves and deeper within.

women's retreat
candlelit ceremony
opening ceremony
Open and explore through raw expression.


Each day, we’ll gather for self-exploratory writing in the crisp autumn air. We’ll bring the tensions stirred up by the goddess myths into daylight and thread them through to our own experience.  As we weave these stories with our own, we glean a vaster sense of ourselves and our sacred feminine nature. 


Tensions we may explore through writing and sharing include our experience of cycles of letting go and rebirth (Demeter), our hunger to share in relationship while honoring our whole selves (Juno), our pulls towards and away from devotion to sacred fires within (Vesta), or the fear of lowering our many shields and masks to embody the strength of vulnerability. (Athena). 

Writing will serve as a channel to reveal insight, allow vulnerability and bring forth what is calling to be heard from within. The women's circle provides a loving and open space to reveal your heart, connect to your feelings, discover your truths, unravel your truths, and journey deeper into intimacy and mystery.

Be held in sacred space.


We renew our wise and wild feminine energy when we heed the call to gather in sacred space with women.  We will bring in ritual and beauty to honor this intention.

Through sharing, we hold the mirror of inspiration and compassion for one another. We remember the magic that unfolds when women circle together.

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