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What is the average age of the women who attend the retreat (and is there a minimum)?

So far, women from their early 20s to 70s have attended the retreat, and range of women in between! This retreat is for women of all ages (minimum 18 years*) and is enriched for everyone when the group has a mix. Every group draws its own dynamic, and somehow, it works out beautifully.

For Yoga Forest events: Some fitness is required as it takes a good hike into the forest and then several stone steps up and around, so if you have concerns about this, let me know. 

*If you are a woman younger than 18 and interested in a retreat experience, write to me so I know about you. There may be a future opportunity for us to circle together.

Do I need to be experienced with yoga?

The retreat is open to women with all levels of yoga experience, including beginners. Normally, each retreat has a mix of experience levels among the women. Some days may be easy for you and others may challenge you, but all will be nourishing for your body and mind, and all classes are optional.


Do I need to be a "writer"?

You do not need to consider yourself a "writer" to attend this retreat. Many women do not and some do. This retreat uses writing as our core channel for self-exploration, but it is designed for all women. What matters more is the openness -  perhaps the attraction - to explore writing as a channel for self-exploration and self-expression. 

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is an invitation for any woman who is looking for an opportunity to connect, to explore and to express.


Maybe you are in the middle of a big change, or you are looking to step back and re-center, or you feel drawn to writing, or you love the journey of self-reflection, or you are ending something, or beginning something, or you've experienced loss, or you yearn to find something, or you feel on the verge of something, or you feel lost, or you may just be curious. Or maybe none of that. Maybe you're just wishing to connect with your own voice and those of other women, too. 


There's no one "right" reason to come to this retreat. But if this retreat is "right" for you, you’ll have a hunch.

What kind of writing will we be doing?

In this retreat, we are using writing as a channel for insight and vulnerability to explore our stories, reveal deeper truths and glimpse new perspectives. We are not focusing on the techniques of writing or working on the craft, though we will certainly be creative. Every woman has a voice in her life, and we are gathering to raise it up, no matter what expression that takes for each of us.


During the week, we will take a thematic, self-exploratory journey with inspiration, prompts, writing and sharing along the way. See some examples of the kinds of prompts we might explore. 

What if I have a specific project I want to focus on?

Some women are seeking a retreat with lots of alone time to get away and work on a specific writing project. This is not the best space for that objective! Much of our time will be spent in gathering, balanced with reflection and break time. 


If what you desire is to rekindle your energies towards your projects and get yourself writing again in general, you may find this retreat does exactly that. We will be getting in lots of writing time.


Can I write with a laptop?

Please bring a journal and pen(s). For the self-exploratory writing we are doing, and for the circle dynamic, we will be harnessing the power of pen to paper to capture first thoughts. 


Can I write in another language? 

Yes, if you choose to. But the retreat will be conducted in English and fluency is necessary to gain the most from the experience of this shared circle.

FAQs about the travel to Guatemala:

What if I am coming alone, and I’ve never been to Guatemala?

Over 95% of my retreat guests are women who are coming alone, and few have ever been to Guatemala, so you are in good company within the circle. One of the gifts of sharing this retreat experience on Lake Atitlan is bringing women to a place that has captured my heart and has been a place I've called home. 


From the airport, a hotel near the airport, or Antigua, we can arrange safe, private transport to pick you up and bring you to the retreat location, including an escorted hike or boat ride to the venue, depending which retreat you are attending. Please see the "getting here" button within the event pages.


Most of the time, women share the private transport and arrive together. Please come with a spirit of adventure, inwards and outwards, and you won't want to leave.

Where can I stay before or after the retreat?

If your schedule allows, I recommend to spend extra time in Guatemala - to linger on the lake, to soak up Antigua, or to adventure further afield. Below are some ideas of places you could stay before/after:

Stays Near Airport

If you book your flight to arrive on the afternoon or night before the retreat begin, it’s recommended to stay a night near the airport. 

Larger, luxury hotels:  Barcelo, Santander, Hotel Tikal Futura, Otelito

Economic: Hotel Dos LunasHostal Villa ToscanaMariana's Petite Hotel or Novohostal.


Stays in Antigua

If you are arriving a day or a few before the retreat begins, or have a day or so after, it’s always lovely to spend some time in this walkable, colorful and friendly city, one hour from the airport. *Look for deals on travel websites for these hotels.


Luxury: Meson Panza Verde, San Rafael Hotel, Casa Santo Domingo

Mid-Tier: Posada San Pedro, Casa Cristina, Hotel Cirillo, Hotel Sor Juana, Quinta De Las Flores

Budget: Pousada Juma Ocag, El Hostal, Earth Lodge (outside of city)


Stays in San Marcos

If you are spending extra time in the village of San Marcos:

Hotels: Hotel Lush (top pick), Posada Schumann, El Dragon

Mid-tier: Bosque Encantado, La Paz

Budget:  Circles Cafe & Hostel, Hostel San Marcos

Stays on the Lake

If you wish for a lakeside stay on other parts of Lake Atitlan before or after the retreat:

Luxury: Casa Del Mundo, Club Ven Aca, Isla Verde, Lomas de Tzununa

Budget: La Iguana Perdida, Mayan Moon Lodge

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