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journey into sacred expression women's retreat

yoga retreat guatemala

you are the storyteller...


In a stunning location, you will step back from your day-to-day to surround yourself with beauty and nature as we set out on a creative and spiritual journey through yoga, movement, and self-exploratory writing prompts - where writing serves as a channel to allow vulnerability, reveal insight and enchant new possibilities. 

Yoga retreat guatemala
writing retreat guatemala
Take a retreat, make a reclamation.

The Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat - recommended by Lonely Planet Wellness Escapes -  is not about ‘writing’ as a subject or art form. In this retreat, we ourselves are the art form. Every woman has a voice in her own life – we are gathering together to raise it up. The retreat invites you to explore and embrace your role as the storyteller of your life - encouraging you to open up the narratives you live through so you can step more fully into your self-expression.


You will join a women's sacred circle for opening, expressing, releasing, sharing, and discovering. You are invited to take an honest and creative journey to reclaim your inner voice and heart guidance. You will participate in evening ceremonies and gather around fire, as we reconnect to our embodied intuition, our knowing heart and our soul voices.

Call in the four directions & feminine energy.


The four directions (embodied by the serpent, the jaguar, the hummingbird, and the eagle) provide a thematic framework to inspire our sacred journey. They beckon you to an adventure of higher levels of perception and connection, to detach from self-limiting stories and come back to your heart and your body and your courage. 

You are invited to allow all of your feelings to be expressed. The circle will honor your embodied experience. You will plunge deeper into the center of your wise, knowing and beautiful feminine nature, calling her to rise in strength as we journey.

You are also inspired to become more aware of how you influence your experiences and possibilities. You are invited to envision your life into greater beauty, from that place of inner listening. 

women's retreat guatemala
Meditate & practice yoga in nature.

With daily guided meditation classes and yoga or movement classes, you reconnect with the direct sensory experiences of your breath and your body, and become increasingly aware of the power and influence of the energy you bring to each moment. 

Meditation and yoga and other movement will support you to reach beyond your daily thoughts and become more present to the moment and to yourself. Through stillness and movement, you listen deeper within, open up and release.

women's writing retreat
Allow raw, creative expression.

In our women's circle, we raise inner journey themes and work through them with dynamic, reflective, and creative self-exploratory writing exercises. In addition to verbal writing prompts, we may bring in movement, images, nature, or sound. You will find that prompted, spontaneous writing gives you a key inside, and somehow you are more able to sneak past your internal filters to unlock new personal truths and insights.


The circle provides a loving and encouraging space to free your inner voices, speak your experience, enliven your possibilities, spark your imagination, and connect more deeply to energies within and with each other. The alchemy is in the daring greatly - it's in the sharing. 

cacao ceremony
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Explore and open y(our) stories.

With raw expression, we will have the opportunity to be witnessed and heard in our experiences. We will also play at exploring the inner stories we tell about ourselves that constrain us and limit our perception, such as character roles we play, limiting beliefs we animate, narratives we create and recreate, and the words that entrap us. 

You will open the possibility to transcend these ‘creative blocks’ of your creative energy. You will practice giving your feelings form, putting them into motion and expression so they can transform.


You will play with the creativity of perspective, exploring how to open and reclaim your narratives and own your role as the storyteller of your life. You will let awe in and invite back mystery. You will write yourself towards more of who you are and how you wish to express. 


As you explore your inner stories with honesty and compassion, you will feel your voice begin to emerge more authentic and true. 

Gather in sacred ceremony.


We will immerse in evening healing sessions (sound, movement) and ceremonies for renewing wise and wild guiding energy. These will complement the writing journey in reclaiming your heart and soul voice connection. 

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