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Every gathering is a retreat...

The Drop In Retreat 

Women's Casual Online Writing Circle

Live Writing & Sharing Group Sessions 

Join a Wednesday evening OR Saturday morning women's circle!

Join the magical intimacy of a women's circle (12 spaces only).

Gather for live writing and sharing in an impromptu retreat circle.

Join one, a couple, or every circle - just pre-register and drop-in!


The Drop In Retreat Women's Circles
with Aimee Hansen
(2 Hour Live Sessions)
Different themes/prompts each "on" week. 
Every two weeks: two chances to catch the circle.
 Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm EST
Saturday,10:30am-12:30pm EST

Wed April 10th & Sat April 13th
Wed April 24th & Sat April 27th
Wed May 8th & Sat May 11th
Wed May 22nd & Sat May 25th

  • 2 hours live writing women's circle drop-in opportunity each week. 

  • Each "on" week will be different - featuring different prompts to inspire reflection, musing and revelation. We write "live" in the circle. 

  • Simply register with payment in advance to secure your space.

  • Each "on" week, registration will close at 12 participants only.

  • Book each circle ($30) or choose a 6-pack ($160) to use within 10 weeks.

This online writing circle is for you if:
  • you crave the time and space to journal but can't seem to make it happen alone. (We will do it, together!)

  • you want to experience the connection and magic of a circle of women.

  • you want to feel more flexible, allowing, present and expansive in your moment.

  • you seek some creative inspiration in exploring and reflecting about your life.

  • you want an online gathering without pre-reading or homework, just immersion in the moment.

  • No experience needed.

“In the company of women, it's easier for each of us to remember our own truth. We remember that our lives depend on our capacity to drop all facades and pretenses. We remember the bliss of just accepting that we are here to be ourselves. And we remember, together, that the most powerful place for us to be, even if it's sometimes terrifying, is fully in our body, so that we can move with the vulnerability and compassion of a broken-open heart." (Megan Watterson)

This writing circle will invite you to:

- Be seen and heard and held in a safe space with a group of women.

- Be open towards ever unfolding new truths and expanding insights.

- Attune to your feelings, your bodily knowing and your intuitive awareness.

- Clarify and loosen the ways we each limit, inhibit or self-sabotage ourselves. 

- Listen to and live from your aliveness, heart center and soulful desires.

- Become more fluid in the powerful art of perspective.

- Engage with curiosity, beauty, mystery, poetry and divine guidance.

- Practice self-knowing to root more deeply in your authenticity.

This space will also encourage you to:

- Play freely with your creativity and bring creativity into reflective journaling

- Fire up the muse through live prompts and override the inner critic. 

- Get used to sharing your raw, initial expression and hold witness for others.

Honor and be witnessed for your embodied and lived experience.

- Break from your routine to nurture yourself, connection and creativity.

- Access your writing channel and sensitize your awareness.

- Share in rich interaction in a casual pop-up circle of women.

The drop-in retreat will not offer:

- Technical, craft-based or critical review of your writing.

- Advice on writing as a craft, such as structure, voice or editing.

- Pre-reading or takeaway materials: it's an in-the-moment experience.

Cacao Ceremony
A women's circle to build connection and creativity. 

Across many circles, Storyteller Within has cultivated a gathering space for women for nine years - to share their experiences, expand their perspectives, reconnect with their inner voices, face their fears, hone their intuition, voice their raw words and move more boldly into their own sacred expression - while holding witness and space for each other to do the same. In this circle, writing is a channel to allow vulnerability, reveal insight and enchant new possibilities. 

Women's Circle = Connection

The live and dynamic retreat drop-in circle is designed to hold the nurturing dynamic of the women's circle. We will get to know more than each other's names and faces. Each participant will be seen and heard and have the open invitation to share in each session. We are probably going to laugh and cry some of the time. I invite you to see how quickly magic forms when women gather.

Dedicated Time & Space For Reflection and Inner Connection

Like a retreat, all you need to do each session is to show up as you are for live participation in the writing circle. No pre-work. No powerpoint slides. No pre-recorded videos. No worksheets. 


Just show up. You will receive creative guidance, and together we will get quiet and write to prompts in "live time" (eg. 10-20 minutes) - exploring various themes through creative prompts for personal reflection and insights. 


Each session will offer fresh angles and inspiration and you will walk away with new and refreshed perspective and insights to open into possibilities. 

Sometimes, carving out time for writing or connecting within is the hardest part - we will do it together and live. Be inspired and write and share (optional and recommended) within the live group. 

Each circle will be capped at only twelve women to allow each to be seen and heard, just as if we were gathered for a retreat. This is a circle for you to both witness and be witnessed in sharing yourself through writing. It is not a general sharing circle, an advice circle, a therapy circle, or a circle of critical feedback. 

How to register for an online circle (options)
In a given week, remember to book either Wednesday or Saturday, as themes will repeat during the week.
  • Reserve one or more circles: Book your space in one or several available circles with either card or 'manual payment' (just send PP/Venmo within 24 hrs). Use 'add to cart' to book several circles at once.

  • Pre-buy a 6 circle bundle: Buy a discounted six-pack bundle to be used within 10 weeks. Then return to this page, go to 'book now' below, choose available circle dates, and log-in to use your credits as payment. Deal available to purchase until April 8 (circles scheduled until May 25, 2024). 

If you prefer, you can also ​email me ( to reserve circles OR ask any questions before registering for the circle!


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Best Value

Six Circles Bundle



First, pre-buy this pack of 6 spaces. Use your credits to book 6 circles within 10 weeks.

Valid for 12 weeks

The Drop In Retreat Circle - Sat

The Drop In Retreat Circle - Weds

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About the facilitator: 

Aimee Hansen is the Creator of Storyteller Within women's retreats, recommended by Lonely Planet Wellness Escapes and included several years in a row among 'Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend' by The Write Life. 


Aimee stumbled into this soul work when she was compelled to offer women's circle retreats in early 2015. The retreats offer an embodied experience with women where the writing is alive and immediate, becomes threaded between us, and where we together brave the conversations with self that we often yearn to have.

To date, she has facilitated across 28 live events, dozens of online circles during lockdown with the Storyteller Within sisterhood, and holds over 950 hours of experience in intuitively reconnecting women with their voices and reclaiming their expression. This transformational gathering has led many women, by their own account, to allow and embrace more of who they are. 

In addition to facilitating, Aimee has worked as a freelance writer in leadership and inclusion. She has co-authored a guided retreat journal with Marianne Richmond to be published in 2024, and is currently editing and developing other creative passion projects to share.

Aimee views her role in the circle as communal, reflective and catalytic. Her desire is for you to feel connected, open, seen, heard, expressive and expansive. It's your voice that this space is created for. Her role is to inspire you into allowing more of yourself and sharing more of your voice, in all the languages you do.

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