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getting to The Yoga Forest


We are happy to provide guidance & recommendations for arriving to The Yoga Forest in San Marcos La Laguna, on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

The Yoga Forest, Lake Atitlan
flying in

The closest international airport is Guatemala City, four hours away from San Marcos La Laguna. 


The village of San Marcos La Laguna is easily accessed (via private or public tourist shuttle) direct from the airport or Antigua. 


Guests are advised to fly into Guatemala City by noon on the day the retreat begins, and book return flights for mid/late afternoon on the day the retreat ends or the following day.


We can advise on options (see FAQ) for an overnight stay near the airport, in Antigua (one hour from the airport), or in San Marcos.


Aimee is happy to advise on transport to the retreat to make it easy for you.

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getting to san marcos (private or public)


1.  Direct Private (Group) Shuttle


We can arrange a direct private shuttle from the airport (or hotels near the airport) to San Marcos La Laguna for a cost of Q800 (US$110) to 1000q if several women, usually to be shared.

If you are picked up on the day the retreat begins (or dropped off on the day it ends), you can likely share this private shuttle between several women and split the costs between all passengers, so it is very affordable.


2. Shared public shuttle from airport & Antigua - to San Marcos:


If you arrive a day or two early, we recommend staying in historic colonial Antigua (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) -  a friendly, walkable, and colorful city to stroll and relax. Regular public shuttles await outside the airport and run to Antigua (cost $15) or you can arrange a private taxi with your Antigua hotel. 

From Antigua, it is very easy to pre-arrange a tourist shuttle (morning 8.30 or afternoon 2.00) to San Marcos la Laguna with your hotel or hostel. Specify San Marcos as your destination.


You can also get a shuttle to Panajachel if you wish, and then cross the lake by public boat to San Marcos La Laguna.

getting to the yoga forest

Once you arrive to San Marcos La Laguna, the Yoga Forest is a 20 minute hike on a clear path up into the forest for surreal living and spectacular views.


We will meet you and guide you to The Yoga Forest, whether you arrive by public or private transportation. Help with bags is available. 

important to note

flight & transport:

Unless you contact us to arrange you a private shuttle at an extra cost, you are entirely responsible for transportation to & from the retreat.



Please note a valid passport is required to enter and depart Guatemala. Tourists will receive a visa stamp upon arrival, normally of 90 days.


travel insurance:

You are responsible for attaining travel insurance for your visit to Guatemala, and it is recommended.


further info

Please contact me directly about the retreat. The below is provided in case you want to browse the venue in more detail:

The Yoga Forest

San Marcos La Laguna



Central America

T: (+502) 3301 1835



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