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Who Stands By Your Heart?

I've been tracing around my small village with a tiny folder of marked up papers and my phone as a voice recorder. Inside of that folder are the umpteenth drafts of a couple of children's stories, which I've been crafting with love, joy, humility and care. I've been bribing friends and moms in the community with cups of coffee to read them aloud for me. From the outside, it would appear that I'm passing through doors alone with those drafts, but that's an illusion. I've got a lot of help from my friends.

(photo: Sarah's mock-up cover)

Have you ever been touched by someone through simple words or a small act that made you feel seen, heard, recognized and encouraged in a way you wished for?

That's how my friend Sarah Murphy "showed up" for me when, out of nowhere, she sent me a mock-up cover for a children's story I had shared with her.

Somehow amidst her busy NYC life, she not only made it (in a graphic design course she took to explore and express her gifts)... but mailed it!

It's a rare gift for someone to echo your dreams in such a vivid way: to say I want for you what your heart wishes, and I know that you can see it through.

It's a different sentiment of friendship than "I've got your back."

It's more like saying "I stand by your heart." I'll be cheerleader to your heart. I trust your heart, I see your gifts, and I will you to share them.

Sacred Expression Women's Circle

(photo: our Sacred Expression Women's Circle)

It's how we join each other on the journey.

Not only Sarah...I have sisters, a 4th grade teacher, mom, my girlfriend, nieces, soul sisters from the retreat, friends, and more. The more I look for those willing me along, those standing by my heart, the more I see them.

Showing up to stand by each other's hearts is one of the best gifts we give each other. Maybe we give it with words, with a small act, with our eyes, or just a hug.

partner yoga

(photo: partner yoga at the retreat)

Who stands by your heart? Who has allowed you to feel recognized and encouraged, in a way you wished for yourself, in a way your soul ached for?

Wish to join a gathering of women? We still have a couple more spaces open for the June 23 - July 1st Sacred Expression Women's Retreat event coming up...

Who knows - by the end of the week, you may be a part of a new sisterhood who are standing by each other's heart.

Much love,


Excerpted: May 2016 Storyteller Within Newsletter - subscribe here.

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