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"A commitment to the wildness within"

"I see the Feminine defined as a reconnection to the Self, a commitment to the wildness within - our instincts, our capacity to create and destroy; our hunger for connection as well as sovereignty, interdependence and independence, at once. We are taught not to trust our own experience.⁣ The Feminine teaches us experience is our way back home, the psychic bridge that spans rational and intuitive waters. To embrace The Feminine is to embrace paradox. Paradox preserves mystery, and mystery inspires belief....⁣ By allowing ourselves to undress, expose and embrace the Feminine, we commit our vulnerabilities not to fear but to courage - the courage that allows us to write on behalf of the earth, on behalf of ourselves." (Terry Tempest Williams, An Unspoken Hunger)⁣ Within the retreats, we gather to allow a deeper embracing of the Feminine within - the circle is a space where we nurture and call upon the communal energy between women that brings us back to ourselves through the sharing and interweaving of our experiences, and all they reveal to us about who we are not, who we are and who we are becoming - and all the contradictions held within. ⁣ At the Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat with Melanie Champagne, we go even deeper into the Feminine as we call on the stories that have been passed through time, the mythical stories that bring alive the female archetypes that have endured because they are still very alive in our being. In this retreat, we invite ourselves to renew our self-trust, explore our depths, honor our expression and validate our embodied intuition. ⁣ In this circle, we bridge the waters of our being and the paradox of our nature. Melanie and I invite you to join us in this space. ⁣

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