• Aimee Hansen

There's More of You To Meet

Dear loves, Have you been feeling the intense energies of these past months - things getting shaken up, life feeling at times like self-reflection in a funhouse of mirrors, swirls of confusion, stronger highs and lows - and yet a deeper ability to witness yourself, and sense what's really going on within your inner world? It's a hell of a technicolor ride, right?

Old patterns are checking to see if we're truly ready to let them go or we'd like to play another round. Old beliefs are re-presented and ripe to be shed. What has been hiding from awareness is revealing itself finally so that it can be healed.

Allegiances we created within that once served us are no longer helping to show up in this present moment, so we're being called to adapt and evolve. Big insights are sprouting from the strangest of places. Yet we are getting clearer on what we truly want. The universe is winking more. Just today, while sipping the same ceremonial heart-centering cacao we bring into our circle, I was listening to a teacher speak to the great paradox - when we feel most pressed up and held against the limiting borders of ourselves, we are then closest to the verge of breaking through them. There is more of you, that you have yet to meet.

And if you feel the least in your comfort zone, you may just be in the perfect moment to allow it.

This is not a time to dismiss yourself, or go back to automatic or go asleep to your deeper stirrings and feelings. It's a time to get really curious. There's more love to let in and the Universe is asking us to open up to that. You are invited to be more heart-led in how you live moment to moment. If you've been feeling the energy of change rising and are ready to break through to even more of who you are, I'd love to see you in the circle! I have a feeling we are going to co-create some epic magic in these gatherings. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for more of you? Are you ready for more love? If so, here we go... Much love xo


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