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reviews of the retreats


"A temporal poetic life-changing trip."

- Julia, Mexico City

"Writing. Beautiful writing, surrounded by rituals, dancing, yoga in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It’s been one week since the retreat is over, but I am still processing what this was. A time between times. A temporal poetic life-changing trip. A voyage into eight inner worlds that somehow this magic beautiful, mystic woman, Aimee, managed to transform into one big soul. This is my new tribe. Profound sharing, deep connections, open ears and open hearts made the Storyteller Within an expansive land where we all left our seeds. I would recommend this miraculous, intimate and transmutative experience only to those that would want to look with love and compassion inside their soul. And by sharing that with amazing women of different ages, places, backgrounds, have the most transformative fun and poetic time of their lives. Aimee, thank you! You are a poem! "

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