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Here's what previous retreat participants (and inspiring women) say about their experiences... You can also check out Google reviews and Facebook reviews

Retreat Recommendation

"I witnessed that vulnerability is not weakness..."

- Maria, Mexico

"I can’t begin to express what this experience encompassed and meant for me. It was one of the most heartfelt, eye-opening, soul-soothing, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I felt totally safe, welcome and appreciated in the group. I felt a deep connection with all of the women and very related with many of their stories. I was extremely moved and touched throughout the writing circle as well as totally uninhibited and free in the other ceremonies! I loved and adored the movement. I witnessed first hand that vulnerability is not weakness and that it is the most courageous thing we can do and best means of connections with others. Aimee, I can’t express enough how grateful I am with you for facilitating this incredible, amazing retreat! I can’t honestly imagine anyone... (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Brings women to a new place."

- Cathy, Virginia

"The retreat was transformative. Wonderful energy, a fantastic and challenging venue, and a circle of women of all ages coming together in sisterhood. Thank you! The writing circle let us speak to our inner issues. It allowed us to share fully and gave us a place of trust. Aimee is intuitive, energetic, focused, fun, clear of expectations, and set an atmosphere of unconditional love. I would follow her for this work in the future. She brings women to a new place. The yoga was wonderful and the teacher was fantastic. The Yoga Forest is amazing - the small carbon footprint, up in the mountain, stairs everywhere. I even grew stronger with the stairs. Be prepared to be bold. The spirit here is wonderful and loving, and the food is fantastic. I loved the sisterhood with these..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I left the retreat with a feeling of pure wonder."

- Tori, Illinois

"I left the retreat with a feeling of pure wonder for the world around me which is more than I could of ever asked for. I also found a deep love and acceptance of my inner self. I feel empowered, uplifted, revived, safe, connected, inspired and… really, really grateful. The writing circles were so powerful for me. There is a circle of women I’m now woven into. I really can’t put into words how beautiful it was to hear all of their stories, to witness them rewrite that story and for them to hear me with the same amount of presence. I didn’t realize how much my soul was craving the connection of women. Aimee is a love and a light, and I couldn't imagine going on this journey with anyone else as our guide. From the moment we gathered, Aimee was incredibly graceful in the way she held..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"You will be reminded of your own beauty."

- Sabrina, California

"After this week, I feel like I've found my center, my inner peace, my lightness, and my wisdom again. This retreat was truly transformational for me. The gorgeous, secluded setting, the nurturing atmosphere Aimee creates, and the acceptance and support of the other women were all invaluable to me. We got deep fast, and I didn't realize how bonded I would feel to the other women - or how much I would laugh and cry, how it would all come together and give me these crystallizing "ah-ha" moments where things just clicked for me. Aimee provided wonderful inspiration/guidance and there was always space to share should we choose to do so. I admire and deeply respect her. She managed to lead the group as a whole while still honoring each woman. She is..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"A beautiful gift you can give yourself."

- Lisa, Ontario

"This truly was a sacred experience. It’s difficult to establish the kind of trust cultivated in our women’s circle over lifelong relationships. That we were able to do so over the space of a week is incredible. It was definitely a challenge to introspect, and at times painful, but reclaiming our narrative and hearing the stories of other women put mine into perspective. It allowed me to see my story from another lens and helped me to realize how in control I am and always have been. I am armed with greater self-confidence and feel more comfortable than ever before to be my authentic self. Aimee was an absolute pleasure to be around, a masterful facilitator, a great listener, and beyond all else, a beautiful soul. She is extremely open and nonjudgmental. She was somehow..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"It was a lifetime gift to be a part of this journey."

- Danielle, Arizona

"There were many times prior to the retreat when I had serious doubts about this experience. From the opening circle to the very end, I simply loved it. It is truly incredible to me that one wise woman can think up such an incredible journey – it was a lifetime gift to be a part of it. I loved the mix of humor and deep reflection. At a point in my life where I deeply needed this, the writing circles gave me a space, and the exercises a format, not only to claim my truth (not to mention discover it!) but to say it out loud. I found The Yoga Forest to be a relaxing retreat setting fitting for this experience, and integrated with respect into the community. Just two days after, I long to return to the magic of the lake and that forest. I feel like I got the gift of a journey that without the circle would..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"This is the break you need to reclaim your spirit..."

- Jennifer, New York

"The retreat completely blew my expectations away! I learned more than I ever thought I would and started to express my deepest feelings with women who I have come to love in just a short week. How amazing is that?! I loved the writing circles, as well as the supportive space we shared for this transitional journey. The writing prompts were thoughtful and provocative, and allowed us to have a deeper connection to our thoughts and expression. I was able to share things about myself that I had never shared with anyone. What a fantastic opportunity to get to know me and women again! I am so grateful and blessed to have chosen such an amazing guide to help me on the road to finding myself again. Aimee’s warm and strong presence helped us to step outside of..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Do it. You will leave changed."

- Jessica, New York

"Whoa. I expected this to be life changing but maybe not this life changing? It has made me reconsider my life, my place in the world, my relationship with women and my connection to nature. It was truly an indescribable experience, and I feel renewed and reclaimed as myself.  It was really incredible how we moved from being total strangers to sharing our deepest joys and fears between friends in just one week. The love and support I felt from the other women was absolutely incredible. Aimee is absolutely amazing. Her warmth and love helped to bring out each women’s inner truth in the safest, most comfortable way possible. She guided us down the path to ourselves, only pushing when we needed it. I am so grateful! What better place could this be than in the jungle? It was..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Everything I could want in a women's retreat."

- Sandi, West Virginia

"Wonderful! This was everything I could want in a women’s retreat. I loved the group of loving women. I loved going deep and the spiritual development. I loved the surprises, and that it was all unpredictable. Aimee is an excellent listener and asked all the right questions. I loved the Mayan fire ceremony and the dance ceremony with the free flow. I loved working on our issues and then working on overcoming them to be the powerful women that we are. The retreat surpassed my expectations. The Yoga Forest was beautiful and the food delicious, if at times hard with the stairs. This is the most content I have been in a very long time. Do it for yourself, even though you may be out of your comfort zone."

Retreat Recommendation

"Unlike anything I've ever experienced."

- Jeanette, California

"This retreat is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It has brought so many raw and beautiful truths to the forefront. I feel overwhelmingly thankful to have been part of such an incredibly thoughtful, open, creative, kind-hearted, and loving group of women. Aimee has not only a gift for writing but also a gift for forming a home away from home, where women from many different backgrounds share their stories. This trip was the most beautiful spiritual journey I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of. It’s hard to leave this home she has so creatively built, but I know every person will walk away better, stronger and more confident. The writing circles were beautiful and perfect. Aimee is a true gift - she has truly found her calling and has blessed all those around her as a result..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"To the sacred women who stumble upon this retreat."

- Heather, British Columbia

"I just knew this would be an important experience for my personal journey. Little did I know what an understatement that would be! Our writing circle was life-changing. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so seen, heard, and supported. The commentary and encouragement that arose from the sharing of our deepest truths was intelligent, constructive, and empowering. To be able to share and receive such supportive, thoughtful feedback is a gift everyone deserves to experience. The rewards I left this retreat with are immeasurable and beyond dear to my heart. There are major milestones in life that are so much sweeter when shared; this retreat is the perfect example. Together, we were encouragers, empathizers, enliveners, inspirations, and mirrors to each other..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Take your soul on this journey."

- Nora, Pennsylvania

"A rejuvenating and inspiring experience! I felt re-energized and re-committed to myself and my soul journey. I enjoyed the progression of the week, and prompts that go straight to the soul. Every women was willing to consider, play, share and grow. Aimee holds space so well. She created a welcoming, safe environment, gave affirming feedback and knew the material she presented. I appreciated her grounded examples and her playful spirit. Our yoga teacher was excellent - a peaceful, nonjudgmental presence. The Yoga Forest was a gorgeous setting and Lake Atitlan is the perfect backdrop for play, prayer and opening up. The evening ceremonies were new, unfamiliar, sacred experiences. It was the perfect amount of group time, free time and rest. I will take with..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Definitely a 'work of heart'."

- Alison, California

"At this moment in my life, this retreat was exactly the medicine I needed. I had moments of hesitation but leaned into them. I have loved it and will cherish the trust and love grown here. I laid my soul open in order to rearrange, learn, and grow. Aimee led all of us gracefully through some tough terrain and we came out the other side softer, warmer, wiser and more in touch with our own soul voice. There was no wrong way to do anything and we were encouraged to explore - words, phrases, thoughts, prose, poetry - whatever gets your feelings across. Aimee knows when to push and when to ask the tough questions in order to get to the next level. She helped me get more out of this week than I imagined I was capable of. Definitely a 'work of heart.' She is a beautiful force..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Adventure, sacred sisterhood, bravery."

- Chante, California

"It’s been a true blessing being able to come here. I felt very connected to the other women and learned a lot about myself. I was continually blown away by how encouraging, loving and supporting everyone was in the group. I feel the writing prompts got to the heart of the matter. It is also incredibly powerful to have the time to share after writing. Aimee is an excellent facilitator. She has a great intuition during the group gatherings and knows how to encourage those on the fence with sharing. She knows how long to wait. I never felt rushed, or pressured, or like I wasn’t being heard. She was great at responding to the energies in the group. The Yoga Forest is gorgeous and, though outside of my comfort zone, I very much enjoyed my stay. I absolutely loved the dancing..."  (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Each woman gave me a magnificent gift."

- Patra, Virginia

"Amazing. Through our collective written voices, coaxed to the surface, this beautiful tribe of goddesses has been gifted with deep healing and transformation, with this sacred forest and Lake Atitlan as our witnesses! Aimee has created a deep and personal experience through a skillfully orchestrated program of exploration and discovery, while allowing spontaneity and individual expression to always be honored guests. I loved the circles - the sharing, context, quotes, theme of the four directions, allowing everyone to have a voice, probing and contemplative questions - it awed and inspired me! The connectedness, the sense of family-community-sisterhood, the honor, the respect, the authenticity. Aimee amazes me - her attentiveness, compassion, presence..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"This was one of the best."

- Kris, North Carolina

"Amazing experience. Having been to hundreds of retreats, conferences and workshops - this was one of the best. The writing circles were a wonderful experience. Aimee is incredibly intuitive, insightful and inclusive. She has the strong presence necessary to hold the container for all that comes up and more. I love how she brought in animal medicine - snake, jaguar, hummingbird, eagle. Come - you will love it. An introspective look at self and life - where you have come from and where you are going. Juicy laughter and tears - clearing out and creating space for new. Thank you Aimee, for your generous, giving, kind and strong spirit!" 

Retreat Recommendation

"Sisterhood that will last a lifetime."

- Janet, California

"I went to this retreat to celebrate my 60th birthday, and I had to almost pinch myself that I was living in the midst of the most beautiful postcard every moment of every day. I knew I had come to the right place. We all were given the space to share and hold a space of light and love for each other – we developed a sisterhood that will last a lifetime as a result of the writing circles. I appreciated the depth and purpose of each writing prompt, each discussion, and each of the introductions that Aimee gave to transition us for the next adventure. Aimee is a master at navigating compassion and modeling unconditional acceptance. She was our fearless leader in every way possible. She has spent years developing the ability to masterfully facilitate and encourage women to..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"This will touch so many women."

- Meghan, Wisconsin

"This retreat has been a beautiful part of my life journey that I'm so glad I took. I felt immediately connected to all the women and the place. I loved being able to talk about deep stuff with six other beautiful women instead of small talk. Aimee has such a gentle soul. She is honest and sincere. You know she is speaking from the heart and she is great at keeping us ladies on task! She eased all of my worries beforehand with emails that came less than a day after I wrote her. The Yoga Forest really is a retreat. I love its distance and separation from town, its beautiful and serene views. The place itself was clean, wonderful, and at one with nature. Beds comfy, hammock relaxing, views stunning, meals always so, so delicious. Night ceremonies were beautiful and fit..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Thank you for the life change."

- Mary, California

"This is an explorative journey with writing as a tool to open your heart, examine your soul, listen to your passions, and express your truth to write your own life story. The love and support created by a group of women gathering together to express their true selves is powerful and incredibly important. Everyone deserves to have this experience of support, love, and the joy of expression. Aimee was incredibly gifted in facilitating a powerful and creative circle in which we were supported to dive deep into our souls. She held a safe space, encouraging each woman to share and contribute, while honoring individual strengths, gifts, weaknesses,  blockages, and personalities. She is a genuine leader with a kind, loving way of leading and a true passion and talent..." (read more)


"Get ready to have your heart blown right open."

- Samantha, California

"I felt such a sense of comfort in this week. It was above and beyond anything I could have imagined. Knowing I had a safe space to open up (and be filled) with no judgment was a beautiful reminder that so many women - all ages and from all walks of life - relate on so many levels. The yoga was stellar and really inspired me to go deeper into my practice. The Yoga Forest was just beautiful and Lakshmi was a sanctuary. I’ll take away that I AM ENOUGH. That so many women deal with the same self-degradation, and we have to inspire and empower one another. Get ready to have your heart blow right open, to deeply connect with some incredible women, to clear creative blockages, and to unlock your potential."

Retreat Recommendation

"I'll hold a very precious memory of what we lived here."

- Dominique, France

"An awesome retreat in a marvelous environment, with beautiful women, finding the light, energy and love inside of their hearts to lead themselves, and to create the best world possible for themselves and for others. We were encouraged to express ourselves and to explore our lives and how we look at them. The ambience of compassion and love set by Aimee spread to the participants and made this introspection easier. The retreat was in a magnificent place, with such a marvelous view from our home for the week! Meditation and yoga were fabulous! I appreciated every ceremony. There was so much love and kindness from everyone. I’ll hold a very precious memory of what we lived here. I would sincerely recommend this retreat."

Retreat Recommendation

"I feel so grateful. Life changing!"

- Di, Australia

"I feel so grateful to be a part of this retreat and privileged to hear others stories, and deepest fears and desires and dreams and hopes. It has been profound and I feel I have released some stubborn beliefs and negative emotions that will free me up to move forward. The writing circle was thoughtful, with soulful exercises to challenge and support movement through the process of shedding skin… to connecting with the universe. There was plenty of time to share and no pressure if you didn’t want to. Aimee has a wonderful presence, deeply listening to every woman in the circle. What a gift for her to hear, see and remember what was going on for each of us. And it’s not easy to create safety so people feel comfortable to share. Thank you for providing this! Her desire to..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I found peace, connection, strength and validation."

- Temple, Georgia

"I found peace, connection, strength and validation this week. The setting could not have been more magical or more conducive to soul-searching, serenity and reflection. The writing exercises were well-balanced with sharing, and the writing circles were well-balanced with other activities that enabled inner and outer self-expression. Aimee is so intuitive, patient, and receptive. She knows exactly how to give people a safe place, challenge their mindsets without pushing too hard. She really sees each women’s heart and it’s amazing to watch her respond, give support, and show love. Thank you Aimee for teaching us to look up and make eye contact after we’ve spoken. Thank you for asking us to question our self-doubt, rethink our resistance, challenge our..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"How ironic to leave speechless."

- Patricia, Massachusetts

"How ironic to leave from a storyteller within retreat totally speechless. I have little words, amazing memories, strong connections, and so many lessons. It was really easy to share in the environment that Aimee created for us. I felt super comfortable and open in our circle and loved all our writing prompts. It's hard to put into words how liberating and special all the night ceremonies were. The Yoga Forest could not be more perfect. It's magical, mystical, unreal and breath-taking. I took a picture of every single sunrise. Food was delicious every single day. I'll take away the strength to write my own story, to take control of the brush and make something beautiful. Nothing will take away what I learned here from my heart. This retreat meant everything - the..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"The retreat was soul food. It moved me."

- Suzanne, Ontario

"The retreat was soul food. It moved me, allowed me to introspect and reflect in a way I have not experienced before. I really looked forward to the writing circles. I was amazed by the thoughts I was able to access through Aimee’s gentle but dynamic leading of the circle. It awakened me to write fluidly and with abandon! Aimee is an energizing and inspiring woman! Her warmth can be felt from a mile away, and her facilitation created a space where everyone felt comfortable sharing openly and every woman had room to. She is patient, thoughtful and enabled pure magic! I loved morning meditation, and I am someone who does not meditate much. The yoga was gentle and responded to our abilities and needs. The Yoga Forest is magical. Climbing those..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I would recommend this to every woman I ever meet."

- Marion, France

"It was a truly magical and unforgettable experience, more than I ever expected. Better than a dream. It was full of emotions, laughs, tears, screams, dance, yoga, sunrise and full moon - especially full of magic and love. I didn't want to leave and I would definitely do it again and again and again. I was amazed to see how this writing circle unfolded throughout our week together. A perfectly crafted writing circle. I was truly blown away. A space for sharing, for creating, for expressing and for receiving. It felt free and yet it was guided perfectly in a subtle but encouraging way. We shed our ego, acknowledged our fears and inner critics, to then be reminded of the joy, the magic and the love in our lives, in ourselves, and to finally manifest our dreams and allow ourselves to create them and make..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"The magic of this circle still gives me tingles."

- Maggie, Montana

"I loved this retreat. I think it was everything I needed in a way I did not expect. The act not of fixing but of loving ourselves just as we are. The power of affirmations from the circle, of shared stories and emotions. The power of the pen in a space where there was no judgment, only prompt. It was beautiful. The power of this circle still gives me tingles. It is the power of togetherness, of shared adversity & joy. Of shared accomplishments and trials. Of reaching deep and sharing our own heart song. Of looking in each women’s face and knowing we belong. The amount of heart and intuition and thoughtfulness that went into every part of the retreat was amazing. Aimee’s ability to hold space for each person is incredible. I loved so many things - can’t fit them all on the..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"You will fill back up with spirit."

- Kendra, Washington

"I can confidently say this experience was transformational for each women in our circle. This retreat allowed me to once again show up for myself. It taught me to not only trust my own feminine intuition, but the collective feminine intuition. I feel that I was always on my journey, but this retreat taught me to savor and to show up to take each step. I loved hearing the journey of other women and realizing that we are never really walking alone. Aimee was born to lead this retreat. She leads through the darkness. She leads to the light. She leads with her own courageous, raw honest exploration of her own journey. She leads while still making herself an equal with those she teaches! She shares beautiful, magical, wonderful, insightful words. Her ability in advance to make me feel..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I am already wondering how anything else will compare."

- Avani, Massachusetts

"Life-changing! It’s the perfect blend of being alone and in a group, dark and light, active and relaxed. Aimee has thought of every single detail & pours love into each one. I am already wondering how anything else will ever compare to such a magical week spent with powerful women on a stunning lake. I miss everything already. This retreat is the best decision I’ve ever made - because of what happened during the circles. It was a perfect balance of digging deep & explore the shore - what an incredible opportunity. I want to wipe my memory just to relive it. Aimee, you are a gift. You are an expert at both channeling spirituality/inspiration AND keeping it real. I am forever in awe of your wisdom and grace with 'green admiration'. Truly, never change."

Retreat Recommendation

"I committed to me. To vulnerability."

- Marie, California

"This retreat changed my life. Going into the retreat I was nervous to share my writing since I usually only journal for myself, but I found that sharing was a huge part of the healing and discovering process for me at the retreat. The women in our group came together to create a truly magical space in which we all confided, explored, and were challenged. Through the love and kindness of our writing circle, I was able to let go of fear, dig into the questions, and reclaim the creative soul within that I had suppressed for so long. To do all of this at the Yoga Forest - disconnected from devices and reconnected to face-to-face interactions and an insanely beautiful setting in nature -was perfect. It's a phenomenal setting to meditate and practice yoga. Aimee has the energy of a -" (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I feel so refreshed and renewed."

- Brooke, Tennessee

"This whole experience has been a joy. I feel so refreshed and renewed. The circles were wonderfully organized. I feel like I opened myself up to new and ideas and feelings in my writing, and there was a good balance of creativity. Aimee was so knowledgeable and prepared with excellent prompts. You see her truth in the way she shares and encourages. She was an instant friend. I have loved meeting these women and learning so many things about how we are similar, despite the differences. I feel we will all be life-long friends and will see each other again one day. I also feel I am now a better friend to myself and know my thoughts/feelings just a little better. Food was always tasty and plentiful at The Yoga Forest and the cabanas were perfect. I love how..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Wonderful! Introspective, honest and deep!"

- Tania, Massachusetts

"The writing circles were introspective, honest, and deep. I was excited to attend each circle and felt I was able to open up and share things I normally wouldn't share, feeling comfortable, understood and respected. Aimee was fabulous - natural and comfortable in facilitating the group through very deep conversations and self-reflection. She really embraced each of our personalities and journeys, and could creatively articulate back to us things we may or may not have thought about. The group was interactive, accepting, and very intelligent with writing. I dug incredibly deep and did more than healing my broken heart from loss. I found a new love for life. I became aware of my negative narratives, how I'd been rewriting the story over and over with more anger..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "A rare opportunity for genuine vulnerability."

- Celia, British Columbia

"When I read about this retreat, the expression 'storyteller within' grabbed my heart and curiosity. The retreat was in all its parts, absolutely magical and timely. Aimee's innate intuition, wits and magical eloquence gently leads a seamless flow through the retreat and its different themes. The journey is unique for each person. It powerfully brings new perspective on stories from the past which your inner voice thought were set in marble. The beauty of our sacred sharing circle is that no matter how different our stories are, the common thread is they are all shared from the heart and that allows everyone to practice empathy and compassion to realize we can all relate to one another. I am blown away at the healing power of authentic heart-opening sharing. The..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "Every writer would benefit from this."

- Ali, California

"The retreat was truly transformative. Meeting ten amazing women in the beautiful setting of Lake Atitlan allowed me to not only feel vulnerable enough to access the stories within me, but to feel comfortable sharing them. I love that I’m coming away from this experience with thousands of words written. Totally supports the notion that what matters most in writing is just writing. I so admire Aimee’s ability to organize, coordinate and support so many diverse people and their equally unique needs. Aimee kept us focused and on track without making anyone feel silenced, maintaining a tone of levity and support throughout the process. She led us while joining us. Nudged us in the right direction but let us spread our own wings. All of the breathing and moving was so..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "I am still searching for the words..."

- Nicole, California

"I cannot get over how much fear has been holding me back, holding me in all these years. It’s taking everything to keep it at bay. I'm exploring many creative projects right now - a children's book and a solo performance/one woman show. I'm preparing to soar. My heart goes out to you Aimee wherever in the world you are. I am so grateful. I am so appreciative for you for what you created and facilitated and for what you provided at the Lake. I am still searching for the words to convey the sheer depth and breadth that the gift of you was, and the time-space-place you provided. Always love and light.”

Retreat Recommendation

 "I have so much love and respect for this retreat."

- Amber, Ontario

"This retreat changed my life in a beautiful, natural way. Aimee led us to reclaim our inner voice by challenging the narratives we have been telling, and by encouraging us to question our limiting beliefs. We learned the power of a women's circle, and with Aimee's guidance and inspiration, we became a family who felt comfortable sharing and releasing in a safe environment. Aimee is a profound speaker, writer and leader who has been put on this planet to stir lives and guide souls towards their true path. I have so much love and respect for this retreat, and for the powerful woman leading it. My life has been blessed by this experience."

Retreat Recommendation

 "I'm quite in love with the whole experience."

- Kate, Ontario

"This retreat was amazing. Exactly what I needed. Everything was so thought out, so excellently planned. I loved that there was no pressure if you didn’t want to do something, you didn’t have to. (We all did it anyways!) Beautiful setting, beautiful space. Honestly I’m quite in love with the whole experience. I didn’t realize realize how much I would enjoy sharing in the circle. I can’t imagine anyone on this planet doing this better than you, Aimee! My favorite part was this incredible bond that came between all the women. You will laugh, you will cry, you will laugh again, you will realize things about yourself that you didn’t know existed. You will push yourself. You will learn. And then, you’ll probably cry again."

Retreat Recommendation

 "My experience was nothing short of magical."

- Ellen, Ontario

"From the minute I first read about the Storyteller Within retreat online, it beckoned to me. I knew that it was everything that I needed but that I didn't even know how to articulate until then. My experience of this retreat was nothing short of magical. I shed toxic stories that held me captive for far too long. I rediscovered parts of myself that were buried somewhere within for indeterminate amounts of time, and even discovered aspects of myself that I never knew existed. I spoke truths that I previously never dared. I danced, stomped, howled at the moon, cried, felt alive in ways I didn't know were possible, profoundly connected to myself and other beautiful women, and emerged with a light inside of myself that continues to shine brightly even a month after..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "A supportive, deep, magical and really joyous time!"

- Cathy, Virginia

"As always with Aimee's retreats it is an authentic, magical experience. This time with the addition of the Goddess stories from Melanie, it surpassed all expectations. The Seven Springs retreat space was very comfortable, the vegetarian food from Wendy was amazing and the spaces were fantastic. Jessi conducted loving, meditative yoga sessions to start our day. Aimee and Melanie used all the spaces available to create magical experiences that allowed us to delve deep into our goals, aspirations and life visions. Multi- generational friendships were made that I feel will last a life time. It was a supportive, deep, magical and really joyous time! Thank you Aimee and Melanie and to all of the participants and the team at Seven Springs."

Retreat Recommendation

 "This is an investment in your life."

- Kim, Alaska

“I had no idea what to expect. I think I arrived with an open mind and some trepidation. It was quite possibly the best week of my life for reflecting and re-evaluating where I was at. I am certainly not the same person as when I arrived. I dropped off a lot of baggage on that hillside! Overall a powerful week supported by a tender and open group skillfully guided and nurtured by Aimee. Loved the writing. I had imagined longer periods of writing, which I pretty much dreaded, but loved the short, poignant bursts of structured time given to a specific point. The facilitation was beautifully executed. This was also my first experience of meditation and I loved being so quiet and feeling the sun come over the mountain and warm my face. I loved the connection with the other..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "I left feeling so incredibly content."

- Monica, New York

"I loved the retreat for many reasons — the location, the women, the food and staff, and van that picked us up from the airport! I so appreciated naming my desires and tending to my wounds in the company of supportive women. I also appreciated the care that Aimee took in setting up our evening circles. Aimee, you set a beautiful example for self love and self care with the candles, blankets, cushions and treats. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the restoration that I sought, but I left feeling so incredibly content. My contentment stayed with me even when I arrived home. This vacation was pitch perfect. This retreat is for the woman who feels, loves, mourns and yearns for more. This is for the woman who looks into the eyes of another and sees deeply."

Recommended retreat

 "We are all deep oceans of intricate stories."

- Holly, British Colombia

"This was my first experience at a writing circle. But what a fantastic first experience! The circle grew in strength each time we came together. The writing followed a very fluid progression and allowed for a lot of reflection that was much different than my experience with personal journalling. It was also not just a circle of written words— Aimee incorporated other elements to the circle beyond writing that created a more full bodied experience. Aimee, you rock. You are a rock. Thank you for allowing the space for all women to say what they needed to say to help them break through barriers, and for sharing your wisdom. The morning meditation and yoga was awesome! The level of serenity and calm that ensues after these classes in the morning is a phenomenal..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "I could not recommend it more highly."

- Mary, California

"This retreat felt like a week in paradise. We woke up every morning to a gorgeous view of twin volcanos across a serene lake. Started every day with a wonderful yoga class, followed by a delicious, freshly-made breakfast. All of the food was terrific, as a matter of fact. During writing circles we explored our inner most desires, re-wrote personal stories that didn't serve us, and let ourselves be truly honest. Aimee is an amazing facilitator with a stunning ability to inspire and affirm. This retreat has undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my life--I could not recommend it any more highly."

Retreat Recommendation

 "Mindblowing! Even months later."

- Nina, Holland

"Mindblowing. Even months later, whenever I think of Aimee's teachings, the experience with all the other women and the things I learned that week, it gives me strength. It fills my heart with warmth and makes me feel eternally grateful. The entire week was beyond beautiful. We created the most sacred, safe spaces, and I felt I could be 1000% myself and not be judged. The space, food, views, energies and love are something I’ll never forget. The writing circle was just amazing. It was challenging, inviting, inspiring, and scary - but Aimee flowed through it perfectly. Aimee is a beyond fantastic facilitator of these retreats; she is on this planet to be a teacher. So much love. She facilitated the perfect space, the most important thing being not feeling pressured to do anything..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "Earth shattering, mind blowing, soul sunrise."

- Chanelle, Tennessee

"I can't begin to describe the magic of this circle. I was fortunate enough to attend the Myths of Feminine Mystery retreat and it was life changing. LIFE CHANGING. Gorgeous, magic, astounding scenery in the location and the souls of the women who attended. Lifelong friends made in a week. Deep healing of wounds known and unknown. Peace, serenity, and a new path in life. Aimee and Melanie are magic. The location was beautiful. It was beautiful, and scary, and uncomfortable in the best ways, and earth shattering and deeply deeply healing and loving and utterly utterly magical. It will change everything about everything."

Retreat Recommendation

 "This week brought me back to myself."

- Kimberly, Colorado

"'The wound is where the light enters'... but sometimes the light is too dim and it takes a beautiful soul holding a single candle in the dark of night to shine that light. I had the remarkable fortune to have stumbled upon Storyteller within while searching for a place to heal my deeply wounded heart after losing my beautiful son. While I was nervous about traveling to an unfamiliar place, in both the geographical sense and in the sense of traveling into my own heart, Guatemala & Aimee assuaged any fear by spreading wide, welcoming arms that wrapped around me and didn't let go once. And, in fact, the love & compassion, empathy & sympathy, encouragement & inspiration, provocation & enthusiasm that Aimee's well thought out & phenomenal retreat...” (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "I am so glad I listened to the calling of my heart."

- Olga, Washington

"I am so glad I listened to the calling of my heart and soul when I found this retreat. This changed me drastically and for better. I was able to find an authentic me that I thought I lost. I felt accepted by women in our circle of trust and was able to share and full open up to my needs, wants, desires, resulting emotions, and was glad to come to conclusions and decisions that would allow me to live my life to the fullest and love and appreciate me for who I am, who I’ve become, and what I had accomplished. The teaching, sharings, and spiritual ceremonies allowed and helped me to let go of the past hurts, to understand myself, to learn from my experiences, to become a stronger woman and be okay with it. I made new friends and became inspired by them. I have..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "Left a footprint on my mind, heart and soul."

- Natalie, Austria

“This experience has been a miracle - that in retrospect - still feels so surreal. It changed me forever and I’ll carry the things I’ve learned and experienced wherever I go. I love you, Aimee! You left a footprint in my heart, mind, and soul. It was truly a sacred space to write. Having seen other accommodations in this area, I must say: This is the most beautiful, welcoming, magical, and cleanest setting I can imagine. The wilderness of nature, the hammocks that swing from one gorgeous site to the other, the nutritious, delicious and healthy meals, the nicest staff - I would choose this place over and over again. I think I’m going to take more with me than I’m even aware of. I really feel EMPOWERED as a woman. I loved the special energy that we had as a group. I’ll always remember and..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "This wuggy-wuggy shit might actually work."

- Jennifer, Colorado

"I am so glad I felt called to come here. I am grateful for a reluctant acceptance that this wuggy-wuggy shit might actually work. I will take with me a stronger belief in myself and the validity of my desires and fears. I valued hearing people share stories of struggles, so I know I am not alone - and also rejoicing in their triumph and realizations; getting to sing and dance and get out of my head more than I am usually able to do; conversations with my roommate, and jumping off the “trampoline” - totally another symbolic triumph! If you are ready for some serious introspection, bonding with a group of women and being pushed out of your comfort zone a bit, this is for you. Nine months later, I can say I did not know exactly what I was looking for when I came to..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "Most memorable, international travel-based exploration."

- Ann, Chicago

"It was and remains my most memorable international travel-based exploration of me and my rightful place in the universe! I will always remembering the sharing and 'hearing' women. Excellent energy with a thoughtful unfolding of topics. Great setting with excellent views of the lake. Superb single suite accommodations. The food was exquisite. My favorite part, Aimee - her sense of purpose and openness to seeking core meanings and purpose of life experiences from each woman is remarkable. Be open and receptive to your good that awaits you."

Retreat Recommendation

 "I feel more at home in my heart and in my body."

- Annka, Germany

"It was quite a journey through depths and joy. And the wonderful thing was that everyone had their own path, but were held, supported and deeply seen by the circle. I feel more at home in my heart now and also my body. And, the retreat shook some things up. I felt the retreat to be truly transformational and am very grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of it. The journey will definitely go on. I found the writing a very powerful tool to access emotions and limiting beliefs. The prompts seemed to lead us very quickly to a deeper level of the stories we all use to tell us about ourselves. They kept me writing, even when I thought I was empty. I am very impressed how the whole week somehow wove together like a well composed piece of music. It allowed..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "A heart and voice opening journey."

- Jaye, New Hampshire

"This has been a heart and voice opening journey with a tribe of women whose souls craved the same. I enjoyed the exercises and even the cleansing tears. Aimee was a great facilitator who created a very inclusive environment. The writing circles were the heart of the experience. It was a wonderful way to explore the shamanic path through the serpent, jaguar, hummingbird and eagle. It was helpful to hear other women’s stories and to realize how many struggles and strengths, and how much beauty, we share. I love Aimee’s energy. She is very expressive and has a light laugh that can help lighten some deep topics. I appreciated being brought in when we got off topic, the silent pauses when someone shared, and the insight she shared. I loved the sense of community..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "This retreat is a 'reveal'."

- Michelann, Ontario

"I felt very privileged to be in this setting with Aimee as a facilitator. Her kind, generous, and truly empathetic spirit kept us moving forward. I felt she had great capacity to reign in when necessary but also to let go when necessary. The writing circle was very respectful, set a beautiful atmosphere, with effective prompts for writing - group and personal. Quick writes are challenging and insightful, and I felt both supported and challenged. Lots of break time for thinking, reflecting, creating, writing and bonding. It was what I wanted and what I needed. I'll leave behind writing through the dark in favor of writing toward the light. While this is a retreat from the world, it is not a retreat from self. It is a 'reveal'."

Retreat Recommendation

 "...creativity, transformation and healing..."

- Sandi, West Virginia

"I attended the Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat with Aimee & Melanie, and loved it. Our circle consisted of a diverse group of women coming together as strangers and leaving as sisters. We were each on our own journey and with Aimee and Melanie as our guides, we created something fun, invigorating, creative and sacred. We were able to tap into creativity, transformation and healing. 'Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more' (source unknown)."

Retreat Recommendation

 "Inspiring us to be fully who we are."

- Anne-Solenn, France

"This was an amazing inner journey and a wonderful time sharing intimately with other courageous women. This experience led me to a breakthrough. It's really cool to write down so many self-intimate stories. It opened me to new roots of understanding and even healing. I loved the "sisterhood" sharing. I came to know myself more deeply, being also inspired by the other women. The journey was amazing, deep and powerful - rising up to our feminine creative expression! The rhythm of the retreat was well-balanced between activities, which made it rich. Aimee is so connected to her divine feminine, well grounded in the reality of our soul, body and mind. She took care of us. I can rely on her. The Yoga Forest is an amazingly beautiful piece..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

 "Exceeded anything I could have imagined."

- Crystal, Georgia

"The retreat definitely exceeded anything I could have imagined. I loved waking up early with the sun and starting each morning with yoga and meditation. The writing circles were introspective and allowed a lot of honesty, release, and sharing. I was able to look deeper within myself and open up to writing about how I truly feel. The women were amazing and so are the friendships that began here. Aimee was an awesome facilitator. She was very considerate and catering to the group. She kept a good pace for writing exercises and balanced writing time with hiking and exploration time. The Yoga Forest was amazing and the views were phenomenal. I enjoyed the stairs and the outdoor bathrooms and showering under the stars. I found it all a fun, intense, and truly amazing experience in a phenomenal location."

Retreat Recommendation

 "An inspiring, life-altering experience."

- Debbie, California

"I was so worried if I was making the right choice. As soon as I got to The Yoga Forest steps, I knew I'd made the right choice. I felt the retreat as a whole was an inspiring, life-altering experience. It's something that will always stay with me and has opened my eyes to the experiences awaiting me if I follow my heart. I do not consider myself a writer but found this circle to be so supportive and inspiring that all my insecurities melted away. It felt relaxed enough to stay open. I have created bonds in a week that I would consider as strong as some I've known for years. Aimee was so warm, inviting, and nurturing. She is truly an inspiration, a great teacher and very insightful. The Yoga Forest is a magical, breathtaking place full of beauty and love. The food was delish..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"One of the most amazing things I've done for myself."

- Gina, Texas

"This retreat was one of the most amazing things I've done for myself. Aimee is a wonderful person – so enlightened and compassionate. She made a huge impact on how I will look at situations in my life from now on. The writing prompts were sometimes challenging because looking at your true self can be hard. The facilitation was wonderful. Aimee had so many things planned for us – above and beyond the writing exercises. I loved the energy of our group; how we all connected and pulled each other up. I feel that I have learned a lot that will help keep me true to myself. I loved the evening ceremonies. The Yoga Forest location was beautiful. The steps and distance to the rest room took some getting used to, but I feel like it was good exercise. Mind, body, spirit..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"A gift I knew I was missing in my life."

- Andrea, Alberta

"This was a life-changing, heart-opening experience - more heart opening than I expected. The writing circle was a highlight for me. The exercises were thoughtful, meaningful and impactful. What Aimee is doing with these retreats is something very special. She created the space for us to create and share and encourage each other. She has facilitated some strong bonds and relationships between all of us. I so appreciate her! It was the right group at the right time. The ability to be vulnerable and to connect with other women is a gift I knew I was missing in my life, and I am so grateful to have it back. Thank you for these real and pure connections. The yoga teacher was exceptional and very kind. Thank you for sharing a broader yoga with us. If you’re thinking..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"So many rich experiences in one week."

- Meghan, Georgia

"I can't say enough about Aimee's retreat in Guatemala! Aimee managed to weave together so many rich experiences in one week, while still managing to provide ample opportunities for rest and reflection. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed with the schedule; and yet even through the course of the week I couldn't believe all that we were doing! The journey from the airport up to the Yoga Forest alone made for a great story. That first night of welcoming and opening the circle was magical, with rain through the forest, dancing candles, smoky sage, drumming, and opening the four directions. In addition to daily writing circles and beautiful yoga practices, there was time for dancing, exploring the town, had my Mayan birth chart read by Aimee's friend, Ingrid (who also led us..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Meaningful growth and self-awareness."

- Kimberly, British Columbia

"I can't say enough about Aimee's retreat in Guatemala! Aimee managed to weave together so many rich experiences in one week, while still managing to provide ample opportunities for rest and reflection. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed with the schedule; and yet even through the course of the week I couldn't believe all that we were doing! The journey from the airport up to the Yoga Forest alone made for a great story. That first night of welcoming and opening the circle was magical, with rain through the forest, dancing candles, smoky sage, drumming, and opening the four directions. In addition to daily writing circles and beautiful yoga practices, there was time for dancing, exploring the town, had my Mayan birth chart read by Aimee's friend, Ingrid (who also led us..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"To say thank you doesn't even come close."

- Suzanne, Yukon

"Aimee’s presence was a present, to stand present among bold women who all arrived with clear intentions to be gentle with themselves. After such a soulfully enriching week, I left with an acute awareness of my distractions and how they pull away from my core creative self. I learned that the stories we tell ourselves to oppress our true spirit, or to put it in places we think we should be, are dangerous waters. It reminded me of my childhood self, when I quietly studied life with big eyes, determined that I could find a different way for myself, to follow my heart, forget societal expectations of me as a woman, make my way as healthily and independently as I can. Aimee’s thoughtfulness to come back to teachable moments that we could all..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Lighter, brighter, a little clearer, more connected within.."

- Athena, England

"I believe every woman should attend a women’s circle at least once in their life. Thank you so much. You are a light worker who spread it lightly and I am glad that I came across your workshop. Thank you for your patience, kindness, your words, and your light and playful presence and understanding. You have a true gift and I’m glad I experienced it. You provided a safe space for open and honest communication; anything was ok no matter how small, big, or silly it seemed. This woke up a few things that were dormant inside me and I look forward to what comes next, thanks to this. I leave lighter, brighter, a little clearer, more connected within and excited to keep exploring with this - with more confidence, curiosity and playfulness. Lots of hugs, love and light."

Retreat Recommendation

"A memorable and invaluable experience."

- Julia, Australia

“It was incredible to travel to magical Lake Atitlan, and feel welcomed by Aimee, the Yoga Forest and the other women in the group. I was expecting it to be a great experience, but it went beyond my expectations. I loved the combination of writing, yoga, healthy eating and felt very refreshed by the end of it. The writing circle was introspective, spiritual and therapeutic. It was a great exercise to share and it was also inspiring to hear other people's stories. I think Aimee was an incredible facilitator, balancing the group dynamic well. I really loved the remoteness of The Yoga Forest. The sleeping quarters were clean, comfortable, and warm. The evening ceremonies were excellent. I definitely felt a good energy at Lake Atitlan. San Marcos was really cute..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"Feel your radiance reverberating."

- Heather, North Carolina

"Authentic and Real.  That is Aimee.  But it gets even better, because during retreat Aimee creates a safe, sacred, soulful space where I was able to dive deep and be Authentic and Real, too.  Unapologetically me.  Without judgment, without restraint, but with total respect and importance placed on how I felt. If you are looking for an opportunity to open locks within you didn't even know had doors, give yourself the gift of an experience with Aimee and feel your radiance reverberating."

Retreat Recommendation

"Stretched my soul to new bounds."

- Hilary, Victoria

"Attending Storyteller Within Women's Retreat was an amazing, inspiring, activating, and recharging experience. Aimee is an absolutely incredible retreat leader who seamlessly wove cultural experiences with intimate and inspired writing exercises. Sharing space with these beautiful women in circle all the while, being invited to retreat inwards and have the time and space for introspection. This retreat stretched my soul to new bounds! The food was nourishing, the villa was comforting and the setting was awe inspiring. Thank you."

Retreat Recommendation

"Will forever be a part of me."

- Kimberly, Alberta

"Overwhelming feelings of love, joy, and spirituality. I would highly recommend this journey to anyone and everyone. Our circle was open and receptive to all women. I felt like everyone was expressive and comfortable to express themselves. The retreat featured amazing teachers and women who were more than happy to open and share their gifts. The dances were my favorite…more cacao! The view was phenomenal. The forest was breathtaking and peaceful.. I’ll take away Freedom. Love. Self-Love. Spirituality. If I could change something about the retreat, it would be to stay a couple of more weeks. My connection to this place is strong. Thank you, Aimee. Your gift will forever be a part of me."

Retreat Recommendation

"You will benefit no matter what."

- Andrea, New York

"I feel the retreat was a very worthwhile investment, and in many ways it exceeded my expectations. I'm grateful for the lovingness and openness nurtured throughout the entire retreat. I found the facilitation to be very helpful in encouraging creativity and openness in writing. The activities were varied and connected. The space was wonderful for sharing and reflecting, because of Aimee's guidance and also because of the sacred physical space we created, in addition to the unbounded feeling of being in open air. I will take with me very beautiful memories of sharing our deepest narratives and stories, and the new attitude I have now to approach life with more positivity and self-belief. You will benefit no matter what."

Retreat Recommendation

"I still think about it daily."

- Linda, North Carolina

"I attended Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat with Melanie and Aimee almost two months ago and still think about it daily. I wish I could capture the feelings of nurturing and safety I experienced there to share with others. I hope I have the opportunity to attend another one of their retreats."

Retreat Recommendation

"Powerful, precious life experience."

- Tanja, Germany

"The retreat was one of the most powerful, precious life experiences I've ever had, and at a time I needed it urgently. I will say thank you so much for the new view on my life. I feel so much better now and can enjoy my travelling so much more! The atmosphere at the Yoga Forest was amazing. The women's circle was a friendly, committed community and we shared and helped each other. There was a feeling of security and support. We started with the deepest fears then we stood up, becoming more self-confident, finding our little wings as a hummingbird and ending in beautiful eagle. I learned the only boundaries we have are created by ourselves. I learned that we project things. I learned to see the beauty in everything. The most important message I took was I can..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"I've been telling everyone that I came home with my joy."

- Danielle, Minnesota

"So great, very healing, and affirming. Exactly what I needed. Great group dynamics. Fabulous exercises. I really loved the prompts and being able to debrief after with the option of sharing the writing or just reflecting. The location was so beautiful, really peaceful. I'll take with me the ability of reframing my past histories. I wouldn’t say that I saw myself as a victim, but I definitely wasn’t framing myself as the hero/shero. I’ve been telling everyone here that I came home with my joy, not that it had been gone for that long, but I definitely regained the part of it that had been away. What a gift. And seven new friends, how do you complain about that? Like everything, you'll get get out of it what you put into it, but if you are willing to go deep, it will go there with you, and you..." (read more)

Retreat Recommendation

"It was exactly what I was hoping for."

- Kerryn, California

"A beautiful experience that I've been turning over in my mind trying to savor every last drop of its sweetness. It was exactly what I was hoping for - space for reflection and self inquiry, relaxation and connectedness. Space to check in and listen to my deepest desires. Acknowledgement, encouragement and inspiration from the group that I am deserving of those desires."

Retreat Recommendation

"I got what I was looking for and more."

- Libertad, Louisiana

"Thank you for enticing me to come all the way to Guatemala to The Yoga Forest. I was looking for an insightful writing adventure and I found it. I loved the writing circles, whether we were laughing, crying, or just wondering about what we wrote, Aimee always had the right words for everyone. She has the gift of putting a bunch of women together and making them best friends. Her caring empathy was a sunlight in our lives. Thank you for all the wonderful moments. I go back home knowing that I got what I was looking for and more. Very much love, xoxo"

Retreat Recommendation

"How to adequately convey the beauty of this place."

- Natalie, Ontario

"I loved this retreat. The location is magical and Aimee was a great facilitator. I really enjoyed sharing with the group and witnessing the growth that occurred in everyone. I was so impressed with everyone’s vulnerability and willingness to share their feelings. The writing prompts brought up feelings that I didn’t know that I had. Aimee very openly shared her own feelings and experiences which made me feel more comfortable to do so myself. She is so positive and enthusiastic - she really made the retreat a wonderful experience. I don’t know how I will adequately convey the beauty of this place to my friends and family. In a word, it is incredibly 'zen'."

Retreat Recommendation

"One of the most transformative experiences."

- Taralyn, Ontario

"Storyteller Within Women's Retreats was one of the most transformative experiences I've had in my life. Aimee is an inspiring and engaging woman with a beautiful soul. The location couldn't be more serene, the views couldn't be any better, and the food was so delicious. If you're looking to meet a community of amazing women and tap into your inner power, then I highly recommend this retreat!"

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