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reviews of the retreats


"I committed to me. To vulnerability."

- Marie, California

"This retreat changed my life. Going into the retreat I was nervous to share my writing since I usually only journal for myself, but I found that sharing was a huge part of the healing and discovering process for me at the retreat. The women in our group came together to create a truly magical space in which we all confided, explored, and were challenged. Through the love and kindness of our writing circle, I was able to let go of fear, dig into the questions, and reclaim the creative soul within that I had suppressed for so long. To do all of this at the Yoga Forest - disconnected from devices and reconnected to face-to-face interactions and an insanely beautiful setting in nature -was perfect. It's a phenomenal setting to meditate and practice yoga. Aimee has the energy of a sage - someone so wise and who truly listens to people. She has a beautiful way of asking just the right questions to encourage each person to think with a shifted perspective, not imposing her opinion but rather allowing the person to come to their own conclusions and new understandings through her gentle guidance. She speaks from the heart to our hearts. My favorite thing is that I committed to myself. That I committed to vulnerability, and in that, came a release I could have never possibly predicted. I left feeling healed, liberated, and empowered. I made life-long friendships with wonderful, inspiring women who represented so many parts of what I am seeking in this life: the female embodiments of love, courage, light, honesty, drive, and beauty. GO. You won’t regret it. This retreat will make you laugh, cry, dig, unearth, grow in more ways than you could possibly imagine, and you will see first-hand the magic as well as the magic you have within."

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