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reviews of the retreats


"How ironic to leave speechless."

- Patricia, Massachusetts

"How ironic to leave from a storyteller within retreat totally speechless. I have little words, amazing memories, strong connections, and so many lessons. It was really easy to share in the environment that Aimee created for us. I felt super comfortable and open in our circle and loved all our writing prompts. It's hard to put into words how liberating and special all the night ceremonies were. The Yoga Forest could not be more perfect. It's magical, mystical, unreal and breath-taking. I took a picture of every single sunrise. Food was delicious every single day. I'll take away the strength to write my own story, to take control of the brush and make something beautiful. Nothing will take away what I learned here from my heart. This retreat meant everything - the women, nature, memories, darkness, light - all of it. This has the been the best week of my life. I'm so grateful. Just do it. Paradise on earth, with the raddest, most grounded retreat leader. She's a mentor and forever friend now. If you feel drawn to this place, come."

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