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reviews of the retreats


"The retreat was soul food. It moved me."

- Suzanne, Ontario

"The retreat was soul food. It moved me, allowed me to introspect and reflect in a way I have not experienced before. I really looked forward to the writing circles. I was amazed by the thoughts I was able to access through Aimee’s gentle but dynamic leading of the circle. It awakened me to write fluidly and with abandon! Aimee is an energizing and inspiring woman! Her warmth can be felt from a mile away, and her facilitation created a space where everyone felt comfortable sharing openly and every woman had room to. She is patient, thoughtful and enabled pure magic! I loved morning meditation, and I am someone who does not meditate much. The yoga was gentle and responded to our abilities and needs. The Yoga Forest is magical. Climbing those steps to the unknown is a bit like being a child entering a dream. It is a place of magic and wonder. Butterflies, hummingbirds, lush greenery. I feel so much gratitude for all of our experiences (fire, dance, sound). It was so blissful! I was amazed by the special bond that can be formed by a group of women who are strangers at day one and sisters by day nine. It made me realize the universality of the human experience, but in particular the female experiences of loss, love, fears, hopes, dreams, anger, joy, resentment, understanding, growth and sense of self. As they are experienced by a woman. I feel opened up in a way that I have never felt before as a result of this retreat. I allowed a raw, unadulterated me to be free and it felt good! To write about things that have angered or upset me and then be able to make peace with them is such a powerful act of kindness and softness to yourself. I realized how harsh I could be - how we all can be to ourselves, and how to have a kindler, gentler voice, for myself and towards others. I feel like there is work of the soul to do now. To think of things I would like to pursue, new ideas, new ways of thinking that will serve me well instead of allowing myself to get caught up in things of the past that do not serve me on this part of my journey. I feel ready for what’s next with a sense of peace I have not felt in awhile. Feeling open and receptive to the good things I would like to experience, and knowing they are available to me."

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