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reviews of the retreats


"A gift I knew I was missing in my life."

- Andrea, Alberta

"This was a life-changing, heart-opening experience - more heart opening than I expected. The writing circle was a highlight for me. The exercises were thoughtful, meaningful and impactful. What Aimee is doing with these retreats is something very special. She created the space for us to create and share and encourage each other. She has facilitated some strong bonds and relationships between all of us. I so appreciate her! It was the right group at the right time. The ability to be vulnerable and to connect with other women is a gift I knew I was missing in my life, and I am so grateful to have it back. Thank you for these real and pure connections. The yoga teacher was exceptional and very kind. Thank you for sharing a broader yoga with us. If you’re thinking about this retreat, there’s a reason. If this at all feels intriguing or like it’s calling you, come!"

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