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reviews of the retreats


"The magic of this circle still gives me tingles."

- Maggie, Montana

"I loved this retreat. I think it was everything I needed in a way I did not expect. The act not of fixing but of loving ourselves just as we are. The power of affirmations from the circle, of shared stories and emotions. The power of the pen in a space where there was no judgment, only prompt. It was beautiful. The power of this circle still gives me tingles. It is the power of togetherness, of shared adversity & joy. Of shared accomplishments and trials. Of reaching deep and sharing our own heart song. Of looking in each women’s face and knowing we belong. The amount of heart and intuition and thoughtfulness that went into every part of the retreat was amazing. Aimee’s ability to hold space for each person is incredible. I loved so many things - can’t fit them all on the paper. Sisterhood, the beauty, the power, and light that is in each of us. How we tell ourselves a certain story about who we are, what our experiences have been, and where we are going - and we have the power to rewrite all of these. My favorite past was the sharing stories and expression. Do it. There is not another retreat like it in the world."

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