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reviews of the retreats


"Wonderful! Introspective, honest and deep!"

- Tania, Massachusetts

"The retreat was one of the most "This whole experience has been a joy. I feel so refreshed and renewed. The circles were wonderfully organized. I feel like I opened myself up to new and ideas and feelings in my writing, and there was a good balance of creativity. Aimee was so knowledgeable and prepared with excellent prompts. You see her truth in the way she shares and encourages. She was an instant friend. I have loved meeting these women and learning so many things about how we are similar, despite the differences. I feel we will all be life-long friends and will see each other again one day. I also feel I am now a better friend to myself and know my thoughts/feelings just a little better. Food was always tasty and plentiful at The Yoga Forest and the cabanas were perfect. I love how most of the food grows right here. I feel I am taking away a stronger feeling of purpose. I have a direction and many new curiousities to explore. This experience has also renewed my dedication to living a more healthy and active lifestyle.", precious life experiences I've ever had, and at asecurity and support. We started with the deepest fears then we stood up, becoming more self-confident, finding our little wings as a hummingbird and ending in beautiful eagle. I learned the only boundaries we have are created by ourselves. I learned that we project things. I learned to see the beauty in everything. The most important message I took was I can create my life every day. I only need to open my eyes. And when I fall back into habits and thoughts, I can question my feelings and the fear behind them. GO! It’s the best thing you can do! Every woman needs a self-confidence update.”

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