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reviews of the retreats


"Each woman gave me a magnificent gift."

- Patra, Virginia

"Amazing. Through our collective written voices, coaxed to the surface, this beautiful tribe of goddesses has been gifted with deep healing and transformation, with this sacred forest and Lake Atitlan as our witnesses! Aimee has created a deep and personal experience through a skillfully orchestrated program of exploration and discovery, while allowing spontaneity and individual expression to always be honored guests. I loved the circles - the sharing, context, quotes, theme of the four directions, allowing everyone to have a voice, probing and contemplative questions - it awed and inspired me! The connectedness, the sense of family-community-sisterhood, the honor, the respect, the authenticity. Aimee amazes me - her attentiveness, compassion, presence and poetic savvy. Her collected inspiration, her listening skills and feedback with such respect and sensitivity. Her ability to create a safe container for us to express with soft structure and easy flow. She rocks! So much gratitude for bringing us together and being the beautiful soul she is. The Yoga Forest nourished and supported this inner journey we were on. Beauty, peace, community, respect, permaculture - all a perfect fit! Each woman gave me a magnificent gift to carry in my heart on my journey forward. I will often reflect back to this experience. It is alive within me. If you’re feeling stuck in your life, afraid of embracing your full potential - go! You will thank me."

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