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reviews of the retreats


"An inspiring, life-altering experience."

- Debbie, California

"I was so worried if I was making the right choice. As soon as I got to The Yoga Forest steps, I knew I'd made the right choice. I felt the retreat as a whole was an inspiring, life-altering experience. It's something that will always stay with me and has opened my eyes to the experiences awaiting me if I follow my heart. I do not consider myself a writer but found this circle to be so supportive and inspiring that all my insecurities melted away. It felt relaxed enough to stay open. I have created bonds in a week that I would consider as strong as some I've known for years. Aimee was so warm, inviting, and nurturing. She is truly an inspiration, a great teacher and very insightful. The Yoga Forest is a magical, breathtaking place full of beauty and love. The food was delish and very healthy. I feel inspired to continue meditation and yoga. For me, this has inspired the freedom to be me, to follow my intuition, and to take risks. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude. Go, you're in for a life-altering experience. Follow your heart. Take a risk. You won't be sorry."

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