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reviews of the retreats


"This wuggy-wuggy shit might actually work."

- Jennifer, Colorado

"I am so glad I felt called to come here. I am grateful for a reluctant acceptance that this wuggy-wuggy shit might actually work. I will take with me a stronger belief in myself and the validity of my desires and fears. I valued hearing people share stories of struggles, so I know I am not alone - and also rejoicing in their triumph and realizations; getting to sing and dance and get out of my head more than I am usually able to do; conversations with my roommate, and jumping off the “trampoline” - totally another symbolic triumph! If you are ready for some serious introspection, bonding with a group of women and being pushed out of your comfort zone a bit, this is for you. Nine months later, I can say I did not know exactly what I was looking for when I came to the retreat, and I'm not sure I could even describe in words what it was that I found - but it has impacted me. I have a different sense of myself."

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