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reviews of the retreats


"You will fill back up with spirit."

- Kendra, Washington

"I can confidently say this experience was transformational for each women in our circle. This retreat allowed me to once again show up for myself. It taught me to not only trust my own feminine intuition, but the collective feminine intuition. I feel that I was always on my journey, but this retreat taught me to savor and to show up to take each step. I loved hearing the journey of other women and realizing that we are never really walking alone. Aimee was born to lead this retreat. She leads through the darkness. She leads to the light. She leads with her own courageous, raw honest exploration of her own journey. She leads while still making herself an equal with those she teaches! She shares beautiful, magical, wonderful, insightful words. Her ability in advance to make me feel comfortable in a foreign setting as a solo traveller was so reassuring! I loved the Mayan influence and sacred ceremonies. I am leaving this retreat lighter. My heart is full and I feel empowered. I have been inspired by the strength and intuition of the women who surrounded me, and my own. You will be nourished, body, mind, and soul - not only by the setting, the leader, the permaculture environment and the special land, but by yourself. You will fill back up with spirit, with excitement to just be exactly where you are on your journey."

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