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reviews of the retreats


"You will be reminded of your own beauty."

- Sabrina, California

"After this week, I feel like I've found my center, my inner peace, my lightness, and my wisdom again. This retreat was truly transformational for me. The gorgeous, secluded setting, the nurturing atmosphere Aimee creates, and the acceptance and support of the other women were all invaluable to me. We got deep fast, and I didn't realize how bonded I would feel to the other women - or how much I would laugh and cry, how it would all come together and give me these crystallizing "ah-ha" moments where things just clicked for me. Aimee provided wonderful inspiration/guidance and there was always space to share should we choose to do so. I admire and deeply respect her. She managed to lead the group as a whole while still honoring each woman. She is grounded, honest, and authentic, and her willingness to be vulnerable with us and tell her own story helped the rest of us feel comfortable being vulnerable, too. She made me feel safe and seen. I will take so much - the power of reframing personal narratives, the reminder of who I am at my core, and the realization that I haven't been feeding my soul enough. I am going to dance and sing more. I am going to create time to sit in nature and feed my soul with beauty. Trust your intuition and do it. You will come out renewed and inspired to live a more authentic life. You will be reminded of your own beauty."

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