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reviews of the retreats


"Unlike anything I've ever experienced."

- Jeanette, California

"This retreat is unlike anything I've ever experienced. It has brought so many raw and beautiful truths to the forefront. I feel overwhelmingly thankful to have been part of such an incredibly thoughtful, open, creative, kind-hearted, and loving group of women. Aimee has not only a gift for writing but also a gift for forming a home away from home, where women from many different backgrounds share their stories. This trip was the most beautiful spiritual journey I’ve ever had the honor to be a part of. It’s hard to leave this home she has so creatively built, but I know every person will walk away better, stronger and more confident. The writing circles were beautiful and perfect. Aimee is a true gift - she has truly found her calling and has blessed all those around her as a result. She radiates authenticity and true beauty from the inside out. I feel incredibly thankful for whatever drew me here. The setting was incredible - how can you not enjoy the view and sounds? Don’t think. Every woman has a journey that needs to be shared. This is your opportunity to evaluate your life, be silly, take a step back, and just chill the hell out. You won’t regret a thing."

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