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Birthday Love

I spent my 42nd birthday in the forest beauty-bathing with these dear ones, enjoying homemade sublime and heartwarming pizza and apple tarts made with so much love and beautifully gifted mocha sinlicious cake full of so much love. ⁣ One of these women reminds me always of the precious brevity. She dropped in for a year to grace here and me before she is called again to the wide open trails. We’ve made a rich treasure of these moments of long seconds. ⁣ Another one of these women refused to listen to me, in a hard time, call myself a mess. It was one moment. I’ve never felt so loved by someone’s anger so I’ll never forget it. She’s the wildest tenderest soul who holds the nuances of mine. ⁣ Another one of these women is the most loving reminder that in any moment we can enchant our world. She so very often enchants mine with her wisdom of childlikeness. ⁣ I could say a million other things about each of these women. And I could say they all hold all this beauty. ⁣ It would come down to this. It always does. The simplest truth. ⁣ I love you. I am so happy you are here.

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