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Feminine Mystery in the Smoky Mountains

Remember that time when we disappeared into the Smoky Mountains during the stirring transition between seasons? How by day we could feel the heat of summer and by night the coming whispers of autumn? Remember how we gathered around candles and fires? How we walked through night air into the woods where the trees opened for us, creating a quiet and secret space? How we tread in silence, watching our shadows move slowly across the branches?

Do you remember how we held a lantern through the darkness and we turned it off to see the stars? How inside of the stories we listened to, we saw constellations and then by daylight we drew them between us in the telling of our stories, too? Do you remember how we filled all the pages with our musings? How we found our feelings echoed by the words of other women? How we took off our emotional armor? How we told the story of relationships - the one we broke, the one that broke us, or maybe just broke us open? How we honored our internal most sacred fire, blew magic upon the embers?

How we walked the labyrinth, within and without? How we lay our bodies on the night earth in honor of our own cycles of deaths and rebirths of life? Do you remember how the moon waned to new and then waxed again, how she spoke to us of the same?

Do you remember how the sun rose over the mountains every morning? How warm it felt on your skin? How every bite brewed from the kitchen (which felt like the hearth) tasted like love? How the afternoon sun hit the temple, and your page as you were writing that sentence? How you caught her eyes, as she was telling you her story that could have been your own, and in the raw honesty of her tears you found a space within you that was no longer alone? Do you remember how you gathered the pieces you did not yet realize you had dropped along the way? How we all did? How we blessed ourselves and each other for it? Do you remember how you were there? How we all belonged?

You could. We have space for you this fall to join us, so we can all remember. The Myths of Feminine Mystery Retreat runs from September 26th - October 1st, 2019 this fall, with the enchanting Melanie Champagne and inspiring Jessi Luna, at Seven Springs in Tennessee.We would love to meet you in this magical circle.

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