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reviews of the retreats


"Thank you for having the dream and faith."

- Angela, Texas

"This was an incredible experience - a real journey. It was everything I longed for and more. Aimee created a space for each woman to be open, be heard, and to listen to herself. The location was magical. I will never forget this experience. Leaving it was feeling so hard and scary - and ending. Our yoga teacher’s beautiful words this morning resonated - every ending is a new beginning. This experience has sparked a new beginning and a journey for me. I will take away a belief in myself and a connection to my inner voice and purpose. A willingness to let go and experience the journey. If you want to connect with beautiful people in a beautiful place, to connect with yourself, just say yes. Do it. You will be grateful you did. Aimee, I will always remember and hold dear the memories of this retreat and the things I’ve learned from it. Thank you for having the dream and faith to call out to the universe for this circle."

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