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reviews of the retreats


"To say thank you doesn't even come close."

- Suzanne, Yukon

"Aimee’s presence was a present, to stand present among bold women who all arrived with clear intentions to be gentle with themselves. After such a soulfully enriching week, I left with an acute awareness of my distractions and how they pull away from my core creative self. I learned that the stories we tell ourselves to oppress our true spirit, or to put it in places we think we should be, are dangerous waters. It reminded me of my childhood self, when I quietly studied life with big eyes, determined that I could find a different way for myself, to follow my heart, forget societal expectations of me as a woman, make my way as healthily and independently as I can. Aimee’s thoughtfulness to come back to teachable moments that we could all learn from - this is what stays with me. Vignettes. We all do it, point the finger out there, critique and judge. She gave us a new canvas to see ourselves through, new rich possibilities witnessed by other women, through their eyes of love, who understand from having been exactly there themselves, just five minutes or five years ago. Time is the only real currency we have. It’s limited and unpredictable. How will we spend it? This taught me that time can also be an artificial constraint and illusion - past, present and future. All melded into one energy source: me. Aimee, your personal stories also touched me. To say thank you doesn’t even come close to how I feel about my week with you and the other creative wonderful women. It’s like I’ve been handed a bubble of powerful magic dust, that we passed around with knowing nods and smiles, that we all tucked into our pockets, now close to our hearts."

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