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The Feminine Cannot Be Lost. Only Forgotten.

“I see the Feminine defined as a reconnection to the Self, a commitment to the wildness within - our instincts, our capacity to create and destroy; our hunger for connection as well as sovereignty, interdependence and independence, at once. We are taught not to trust our own experience.⁣

The Feminine teaches us experience is our way back home, the psychic bridge that spans rational and intuitive waters. To embrace The Feminine is to embrace paradox. Paradox preserves mystery, and mystery inspires belief....⁣

By allowing ourselves to undress, expose and embrace the Feminine, we commit our vulnerabilities not to fear but to courage - the courage that allows us to write on behalf of the earth, on behalf of ourselves.” (Terry Tempest Williams, An Unspoken Hunger)⁣

When women gather in this circle, a feminine wisdom emerges naturally from the sharing and interweaving of our experiences. Between the words and movement and ceremonies, we hear something becoming louder and louder… something unspoken that sings us back into the remembrance of our being.

It cannot be described. Only felt. It cannot be believed. Only known. It can not be contained. Only hidden. It cannot be destroyed. Only veiled. It cannot be extinguished. Only dulled. It cannot be lost. Only forgotten.

Photos: Elfa Mystica Photography

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