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Why Does a Woman Join the Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat?

Maybe you are in the middle of a big change. Or you sense you’re getting ready for something to change.

Maybe you want to dare to live your authentic desires and dreams. And you need a boost of courage and validation.

Maybe you are feeling dulled or disconnected from your self. And you want to step away and listen to your own voice.

Maybe you’re restless or no longer as fulfilled by what surrounds you. Your truth seems to be shifting or evolving.

Maybe you are ending something or beginning something. Or you’re coming upon a crossroads in your life.

Maybe you have experienced a loss or shift in circumstances. And you crave spaciousness and pause.

Maybe you want a space to be seen and heard. Maybe you have a story you are ready to loosen from.

Maybe you want to hear what your heart whispers when distractions and expectations are put aside.

Maybe you are magnetized to writing as a tool to reconnect with your center and reveal your inner voice.

Maybe you are ready to receive clarity, feel more expansive, and move from your inner knowing and heart more freely.

Or maybe you simply want to feel nourished by a richly connective and immersed experience with other women.

There is no one “right” reason to come to this retreat…and these are only some of the reasons women come.

But more than anything, the women who have come to this circle across the past nine years sense it’s where they needed to be. They listened, and they trusted.

That “hunch”’ makes for magical circles where we clarify our knowing, inspire our hearts, allow ourselves and catalytically rise up together.

After all, we are gathering to support each other in hearing and validating the guidance we receive from within. Why not begin, before we begin?

Much love,


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