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Our Women's Retreat is Back This Summer in Guatemala!

With so much love and excitement, The Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat is back in Guatemala this summer! From July 31st-August 9th, 2021, twelve women are invited to gather with me on Lake Atitlan. Are you one of them?

On top of the magnitude of the collective journey we've been on since March 2020, most women I know have expressed moving through strong personal journeys, too. And I'm talking not just within, but in ways that show up visibly in their lives, too!

Think about your past year of experience.

Maybe you've met an unexpected challenge in your personal or work life. Perhaps a twist or turn or blessing has shown up. You're leaning more deeply into a part of yourself. You're breaking some limitation of who you thought you were. You've thrown yourself into a new place, a new passion, a new relationship. You've let someone go. You've faced a painful pattern until your soul had to choose differently, had to break the loop. Maybe you have experienced a deep grief. Or a big earth-shattering love.

Or maybe you've felt some fire inside of you finally stand up from within. Perhaps you are asking different questions. You are beginning to attune your daily life more closely to your values and what makes real meaning for you. You are shedding and releasing skins. You are shaking off some of the most stubborn ones. You are no longer at ease with what's been on automatic and isn't working anymore. Or you are learning about something new that intrigues you.

Maybe, you are noticing where you are withholding your own magic, the sharing of who you are and your gifts, and you don't want to anymore. You are noticing where you desire to allow more of yourself, to embody yourself more, to validate your own needs and desires. You are beginning to knock down the walls you have built against letting more love in.

Does any of that resonate? Would you like it to?

What is true for you, right now? In this one lived moment of you?

Your joy matters.

Amidst the noise and uncertainty of the world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose the connection with our internal guidance. But if this year has asked one clear thing, it's what we want to give our energy to, day in and day out.

You matter. Your voice matters. You showing up to the internal knowing within you matters. Your needs matter. Your desires matter. Your dreams matter. Your experience of beauty matters. You bringing out the seeds of inspiration planted within you matters. You living a life that feels in fulfillment for you matters. Your joy matters.

Your joy matters so much.

Let's bring whatever potentialities are waiting to be expressed through each of us, or received through each of us, out to be lived in the world.

I'm excited to see what expansive magic is going to reveal itself this summer. I would love to find you here with me in the circle. I am wide open to talk if it's calling you.

My deepest intention is not only will you meet incredible women to share an unforgettable experience together, but every single woman in that circle will walk to her center and away with more of herself.

Will you join us?

Much love xo



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