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Why Your Self-Doubt Is Not That Relevant.

Dear loves,

If you often doubt yourself, ask this question. Who is the self that is doubting and who is being doubted?

Once you see the ridiculousness of that loop, self-doubt doesn’t go away. It simply becomes less relevant. Are you going to use your mind, which is arguing against you, to argue for yourself? It’s like a lawyer who argues - against and for you - out of two sides of her mouth. It’s a closed circuit illusion. If you’re centered there, you’ll run in circles. 

But you can remember, yet again, and center in Self. You can make a novel move towards yourself. 

Self-doubt doesn’t just stop you. If at the helm, self-doubt actually directs you. It directs you to swallow your words. It directs you to deny yourself and your gifts. It directs you to not show up in the room as who you are. It directs you to stay with what doesn’t work for you. It directs you to not relax into the essence of who you are. It directs you to distort yourself. It directs you to suppress your needs and inspirations. In an effort to keep you safe, self-doubt directs you against the one thing that will increase safety in your sense of self.

Being you, ANYWAY. 

The more you stand in your truth, the less self-doubt directs you. Because being you is ultimately so much safer to you than the false protection of self-doubt. Does it still exist? Yes! But if you’re taking guidance at the level of the Self, your faith rests in something greater. From that place, you course-correct as you learn more. But that’s part of the refining we do as we live into ourselves. Here, and there, and there. 

Self-doubt is an impersonal affliction, so why claim it and make it all about you? Far better that you claim yourself. Nobody else will nor can. 

.Much love,


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