The heart of the matter with this retreat.

October 24, 2015


Some women ask if this retreat is about creative writing. No. This women's self-exploratory writing and yoga retreat is not about "writing" at all, not as a subject or art form. Each woman has a voice in her own life. We gather to rise it up.


More than anything, this retreat is about how we each write our own lives - the stories we tell to ourselves about who we are and how things are, and how that shapes how we show up in the world. In this retreat, as in life, we are the art form.


We gather to open, explore, share and stoke our soul voices. Along the way, we do a lot of writing as a way to channel our own inner truths, encourage our feeling and our vulnerability, and explore the role our perspective is playing within our lives. We share to feel the healing that comes with opening up to a circle of women, to hear our voices echoed in the words of other women, and to feel the sisterhood connection.


Is this retreat about creative writing? No though at times, we most certainly get creative. Will you find yourself writing beautifully? Women have reached right through my heart with the poetry and unfiltered honesty in their words during this retreat, and in the gifts that can shine through them, whether they consider themselves to be a writer at all. 


So, will it help your creative writing? What's my answer? In the most beautiful and mysterious of ways? If that's what you wish for - oh yes, it certainly will.




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