Women Are Ocean - Honoring our Fluidity.

March 23, 2019



Women are ocean. You can't plant a flag in an ocean.


Nor would I dare to, not in you and not in myself. 


When we gather, we honor that anything a woman expresses is her way of touching her fingertips to her truth in that one given second of her life. 


We are all fluid by our nature.


Our integrity - feminine integrity - is often in honoring our fluidity. 


Even as we stand in our own truth, we can often feel the currents around our ankles move. 


Not a shift affected by anyone else, what they may want us to be or to want, but one that comes from the inner stirrings of our own knowing being. 


Can we honor our rich fluidity, in ourselves? 


Can we honor this rich fluidity, in each other? 


Can we honor the changes in our answers? 


The changes in our questions? 


The tidal return of our questions? 


The changes in the woman who asks the questions?


How vast can we allow ourselves to be? 

You can't plant a flag in the ocean of a woman. 


So when we gather, it's always to be known. But it's also always to remain a mystery. 


And it is so damn beautiful to meet each other through eyes as deep and wide as the mysteries of the ocean.


I'd love to meet you in the circle. I'd love to honor you and the ocean in you as I honor the ocean in me. 

Much love,

(from May 2018 newsletter - and still ever as true)

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