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Labyrinth - An Immersion into the Heart

Do you know the difference between a labyrinth and a maze? ⁣

Here’s one. With a maze, you can go down the wrong path. You can get stuck on a dead end. You can get lost and have to backtrack. A maze is a game for your mind.⁣ With a labyrinth, every step you take is always taking you closer to the center - of the labyrinth, of yourself. There is no wayward step you can take, as there is no wayward step in the path of the soul. ⁣

Even when you appear to be moving away within a labyrinth (which you often do), it’s an illusion. The entire winding path leads you back to the heart of it. You can only ever arrive to the center - if you stay, if you allow, if you continue. ⁣

In fact, you had to seem to be moving away from the center to move closer to it. That was the path. You cannot stray. ⁣

A labyrinth is an immersion into the heart and divine feminine mystery. It’s walking through the womb of death and rebirth to more of who you are. ⁣

With a labyrinth, you only need trust. The answers are found within. Keep taking the steps. Know you are getting closer.⁣

Yesterday, I was sharing with friends, who like myself, have been experiencing more intensified awakening of our self-created obstacles in these past weeks, ways that we unconsciously stop more love from flowing in, ways we separate - from ourselves, from others, from our desires, from Source. We have watched ourselves see the thing and do it all over again, stepping away when we ache to step closer. It can be so painful it’s paralyzing. ⁣

But it would be an illusion to ultimately see those moments as dead ends or going in the wrong direction. Being able to witness how you walk away is exactly the gift you need to walk towards. The only dead end you’ll find is within. Your heart knows how to transcend it, if you’ll take its hand.⁣ Can you walk through yourself is the question? Take another step towards more love. Get closer to the center.⁣ And here’s a secret that I suspect about the labyrinth of life. When you dare to walk through yourself, the center somehow expands towards you. ⁣ And more than that, it expands you. ⁣ This labyrinth is located at Seven Springs retreats, where we will hold our Awaken Your Creative Soul and Myths of Feminine Mystery retreats.

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